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1. Of, including, or expressed in several languages; multilingual: a polylingual software program.
2. Using or able to use several languages: a polylingual translator.
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While semantic discussions about distinctions between bilingual, multilingual, plurilingual and even polylingual usefully continue in the research literature, all are about the use of more than one language (or translanguaged mixes of more than one) within at least one--and potentially many --cultural contexts of use.
This way we help them not to lose touch with their French roots and perhaps in secondary school they can become polylingual.
A profoundly post-structuralist interpretation of classic American writers, American Hieroglyphics is a work of cultural imperialism as clear and distinct, albeit not quite as monumental, as Napoleon's theft of the Rosetta Stone and Champollion's deciphering of its polylingual code.
Lost to the historical record is whether the HH ever initiated polylingual speech training for girls and boys, encompassing the teaching of Hebrew or Yiddish as well as English, and thereby intensifying the Jewish character it offered the deaf community.
The five sets of articles here address transitive Canada in terms of the voice of the other in excursions to Western Canada in the times of Nouvelle-France, the creative translator in A Martyr's Folly, and George Elliot Clarke's relationship with Shakespeare; those on cultural appropriation involve Latino Canada, transculturation in Clarke, and repatriation of Arthur Nortje; those on reconfiguration include migration culture and polylingual identities; and the final papers describe Elizabeth Bishop's process toward Brazil, indigenous drama and situations in which translators took center stage.
Adamson's term "multicultural", redolent still of discrete original "cultures", seems less satisfying than "transcultural": //Kabbo was already displaced, becoming polylingual, undergoing transculturation.
For this great peninsula divided into a myriad of pocket estates, Chase and Sutton (1981:1820) warn against 'identifying "tribes" in terms of language names' so as to avoid any 'attendant confusion of social groups, breeding isolates, language or dialect areas and polylingual speech communities'.
Polylingual Rabindranath Tagore's translation into English as Red Oleanders of his original Bengali drama, Rakta Karabi, may present the unique case of a writer's being able to translate his text into a target language and transliterate it into a radically dissimilar system of writing, in the process making conscious decisions concerning the representation of Bengali physical culture and spiritual vision that experience told him his British audience would have difficulty understanding and appreciating.
Recent studies, such as [14], focus on polylingual users wanting to search documents in the languages that they can understand.
Rubble na Mickies is a polylingual and intralingual pun and may be roughly translated as 'The Tail of the Mickies'.
While he has outgrown his early disability, polylingual Tammet remained able to perform unusual feats of memory and has founded a company teaching people skills for leaning maths and languages.
Following his 1970 ordination, the polylingual O'Malley received a master's degree in religious education and doctorates in Spanish and Portuguese literature from Catholic University, where he also taught.