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Adj.1.polymorphemic - consisting of two or more morphemes
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Other terms are polycomponentional signs, polymorphemic predicates, verbs of motion and location and depicting verbs to mention a few.
Even though Sandler and Lillo-Martin (2006) suggest that polymorphemic structures of signed languages resemble template morphology in Arabic languages, this resemblance has not been demonstrated in encoding semantic components of spatial relations bur mostly in domains of rime and aspect marking
Second, we observe that whereas these vowels are unstressed (or rather unaccented) in the polymorphemic words, they are stressed in the monomorphemic words.
1976 "Lexical storage and retrieval of polymorphemic and polysyllabic words", Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 15: 607-620.
In her typology of the canonical "word shape patterns", Brentari (2002) classifies sign languages as a specific typological class which has polymorphemic but monosyllabic words, whereas spoken languages can fall into one of the three remaining ones.
spoken languages tend to create polymorphemic words by adding sequential material in the form of segments or syllables.
A second structure in ASL that uses space to encode grammatical relations is polymorphemic verb predicates, which have been compared to classifier predicates in spoken languages (Schick 1990; Supalla 1986).
Each event can be described using a polymorphemic classifier predicate.
Fieldwork by the author on Tohono O'odham shows that a word-final secondary stress is disallowed in monomorphemic words but is allowed in polymorphemic words.
1) This generalization is independent of morphological bracketing; the polymorphemic data show that final stress occurs regardless of whether the form consists of a root and prefix, root and suffix, or some other particular morphological shape.
According to Cole and Sung (1994), the polymorphemic reflexive ([X.
The preceding idiomatic expressions illustrate that the prefix mag- may combine with polymorphemic compounds.