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Adj.1.polymorphemic - consisting of two or more morphemes
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This is because for one thing, modern vernacular Chinese words shows a preference for polymorphemic constructions, and for the other, xin ([phrase omitted]) (heart/mind), a concrete object, is more familiar than ling ([phrase omitted]) (spirit), an abstract concept, to Chinese people who generally have little understanding of Christianity.
Rather than deciding on the syntactic status of the polymorphemic units in (31) (and postulating the head ellipsis in the first conjunct), one can treat them as compounds proper with their modifying constituents being coordinated.
Lexical storage and retrieval of polymorphemic and polysyllabic words.
Polymorphemic nouns, adjectives, and adverbs show the same behaviour, as exemplified in (1).
Other terms are polycomponentional signs, polymorphemic predicates, verbs of motion and location and depicting verbs to mention a few.
Second, we observe that whereas these vowels are unstressed (or rather unaccented) in the polymorphemic words, they are stressed in the monomorphemic words.
This article evaluates the possible relationship between the speed at which morphologically complex words are processed and their respective grades of semantic transparency and of affixing with the intent to infer explainable effects through the method of understanding spoken polymorphemic words.
1976 "Lexical storage and retrieval of polymorphemic and polysyllabic words", Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 15: 607-620.
Consequently, since the language is not made up of separate modules, such as phonology, grammar, or syntax, all composite structures, be it a polymorphemic word, a phrase, or a clause are approached in a uniform manner.
In her typology of the canonical "word shape patterns", Brentari (2002) classifies sign languages as a specific typological class which has polymorphemic but monosyllabic words, whereas spoken languages can fall into one of the three remaining ones.