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Any of various mainly toxic antibiotics derived from strains of the soil bacterium Bacillus polymyxa and used to treat various infections with gram-negative bacteria.

[New Latin polymyxa, specific epithet (poly- + Greek muxa, slime) + -in.]


(Pharmacology) any of several polypeptide antibiotics active against Gram-negative bacteria, obtained from the soil bacterium Bacillus polymyxa
[C20: from New Latin Bacillus polymyxa; see poly-, myxo-, -in]
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Noun1.polymyxin - any of several toxic antibiotics obtained from a particular soil bacterium
antibiotic, antibiotic drug - a chemical substance derivable from a mold or bacterium that can kill microorganisms and cure bacterial infections; "when antibiotics were first discovered they were called wonder drugs"
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coli strain showing resistance to the polymyxin drug colistin was isolated from an intensively-farmed pig in Shanghai during routine testing.
Among phenotypic traits distinguishing the 2 biotypes, sensitivity to polymyxin B (50 U) is considered a reliable indicator and stable phenotype for biotyping.
90 ](minimum inhibitory concentration) values to topical antibiotics, including bacitracin, polymyxin B, neomycin, mupirocin, retapamulin, and fusidic acid.
The similar has been shown for combination with polymyxin B; furthermore, the myrtle essential oil resulted in re-sensitization of the MDR wound isolates, i.
A licensed wildlife rehabilitator gave the kestrel initial treatments, consisting of cleaning dried blood from the right side of the face and applying a topical ophthalmic ointment (neomycin, polymyxin B sulfate, and dexamethasone) to the right eye.
The polymyxin group of antibiotics was discovered in the 1940s, [9,10] but their popularity soon faded due to reports of nephrotoxicity and the availability of safer antibiotics in the 1970s.
1% Spersadex Prednisolone acetate 1% Pred Forte 18-36 40 Combined preparations Betamethasone, neomycin Betnesol N 36-54 Dexamethasone, Covomycin D 36-54 chloramphenicol Fluoromethalone, FML-Neo neomycin Dexamethasone, Maxitrol 36-54 neomycin, polymyxin B Dexamethasone, Sofradex 36-54 framycetin, gramicidin Dexamethasone, Spersadex Comp 36-54 chloramphenicol Hydrocortisone, Terra-Cortril 12-Aug oxytetracycline, polymixin B Dexamethasone, Tobradex 36-54 tobramycin Drugs in order of increasing potency Side-effect Indications Single preparations Prednisolone Worsening Allergic acetate 0.
Last-line polymyxin drugs such as polymyxin B and colistin have been used for 60-70 years without developing a significant resistance.
The patient was managed with water precautions and a 7-daycourse of polymyxin Beardrops, and his otorrhea resolved.
Colistin, also known as polymyxin E, is a cationic lipopeptide antibiotic isolated from Bacillus polymyxa subsp.
The antibiotic disc using Streptomycin (10[micro]g/disc), Rifampicin (30[micro]g/disc), Ampicillin (10[micro]g/disc), Carbencilin (100[micro]g/disc), Chloramphenicol (100[micro]g/disc), Novobiocin (30[micro]g/disc), Polymyxin B (300[micro]g/disc), Tetracycline (30[micro]g/disc), Penicillin (30[micro]g/disc), Erythromycin (15[micro]g/disc).