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having or known by several different names


(ˌpɒl iˈɒn ə məs)

having or known by several or many names.
[1670–80; < Greek polyṓnymos=poly- poly- + -ōnymos -named]
pol`y•on′y•my, n.
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There are boundaries, however, that Trypho will absolutely not cross--most notably the ultimate identification of the polyonymous agent in theophanies with Jesus of Nazareth.
But where epiphany might be reductive or totalizing, Hemingway's images are too fragmented to cohere: compounds confuse syntax and the rhythms of fine writing; vehicles are more unfamiliar than their tenors; animals, which Adam colonized through naming, are polyonymous.
Adoptive and Polyonymous Nomenclature in the Roman Empire (Helsinski