polyostotic fibrous dysplasia

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Noun1.polyostotic fibrous dysplasia - fibrous dysplasia of bone affecting multiple bones
fibrous dysplasia of bone - a disturbance in which bone that is undergoing lysis is replaced by an abnormal proliferation of fibrous tissue resulting in bone lesions or skin lesions
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The various conditions associated with hypophosphataemic rickets/osteomalacia and possible mechanisms for the hypophosphataemia Condition Abnormality FGF23 related: X-linked hypophosphataemic Inactivating mutation of PHEX rickets (XLH) Autosomal dominant hypophosphataemic Activating mutation of FGF-23 rickets (ADHR) Autosomal recessive Inactivating mutation of DMP1 hypophosphataemic rickets (ARHR) Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia Excessive production of FGF-23 with or without McCune Albright by the fibrous dysplasia syndrome (somatic activating mutation in GNAS1 gene) Tumour induced rickets/ Excessive production of osteomalacia (TIO) phosphatonin (e.
ANGAD had polyostotic fibrous dysplasia which meant that a number of bones in his body were affected.
The diagnosis of polyostotic fibrous dysplasia had been established by radiologic and physical examinations.