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n. pl. pol·yp·o·ses (-sēz)
The presence of several polyps in the body.


(Medicine) med the formation of many polyps or a condition characterized by such


n. poliposis, formación numerosa de pólipos.


n poliposis f; familial adenomatous — poliposis adenomatosa familiar
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4) Those with obstructive symptoms from polyposis benefit from surgery.
The caution against prophylactic use of these agents applies to asymptomatic adults, including those with a family history of colon cancer, but not to patients with a personal history of colon cancer or polyps, familial adenomatous polyposis, or hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer syndromes, the statement specified (Ann.
CCS is diagnosed clinically, and the presenting symptoms include alopecia, cutaneous hyperpigmentation, gastrointestinal polyposis, and onychodystrophy, often accompanied by diarrhea, weight loss, and abdominal pain.
This rare, noninherited gastrointestinal polyposis syndrome is associated with characteristic ectodermal abnormalities.
com/research/cc6c2e/familial_adenomato) has announced the addition of Global Markets Direct's new report "Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Coli - Pipeline Review, Q1 2011" to their offering.
Cases of a solitary polyp of the nasal cavity are much less common than cases of massive polyposis.
PRAGUE -- Genetic carriers of familial adenomatous polyposis can now decrease their risks of conceiving an affected child by using preimplantation genetic diagnosis, Stephane Viville, Ph.
The HFEA said it only applied to people carrying familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) - an inherited genetic colon condition with a 50 per cent chance of being passed on.
Pfizer Inc said today that the Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products (CPMP) adopted a positive opinion recommending marketing authorisation of ONSENAL(R) (celecoxib) in the European Union (EU) for the reduction of the number of adenomatous intestinal polyps in familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), as an adjunct to surgery and further endoscopic surveillance.
In this case, doctors have just diagnosed a 30th-year-old woman with familial adenomatous polyposis, an inherited disorder that carries an extremely high risk of colon cancer.
01% was applied for four weeks, and among patients with partial nasal obstruction from polyposis, about 50% of patients had complete resolution of their polyps.
Nasal examination revealed nasal polyposis bilaterally.