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n. Music
The use or an instance of simultaneous contrasting rhythms.

pol′y·rhyth′mic adj.


(Music, other) music of or relating to polyrhythm; characterized by different rhythms
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Polyrhythmic drumming, didgeridoo, and orchestral synth-scapes accented with beautiful vocal pieces craft an album of exceptional beauty.
The Sensational Space Shifters craft a dazzling weave of psychedelic polyrhythmic grooves, meshing country, blues, folk and rock'n'roll with North African scales and beats, to which Plant contributes lyrics and melodies.
Impressed by Jim's insane speed and polyrhythmic flourishes, Jared sent Jim some rough demos and asked the drummer if he wanted to contribute his skills to a 3 song demo album to be recorded at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY, with Chris Bittner (Coheed and Cambria, Team Sleep) as producer.
Think hypnotic blends of organ, brass, polyrhythmic percussion, choppy guitar licks, funkadelic chants with Gallab's powerful pipes.
Zaki's experimental tabla rhythm compositions are evident in 'And She Danced Beautifully', a piece that mixes Taals of 11/4, and 8/4 in a polyrhythmic style.
Driven by polyrhythmic music, IDMP therefore embodies a complexity of symbols, metaphysical meanings, and an assemblage of imagery celebrating the synchronicity of life as it is lived.
Via App's debut LP, Sixth Stitch--released this past November by Break World Records--is a polyrhythmic feast of distinct textures: The album's fifteen tracks range from minimalist studies that focus on only a few motifs to multilayered percussive excursions that fluctuate wildly in pitch and volume.
Only TV and film can tell this history, because its content lies in the quicksilver of movement, of movement's link to music, in the flash of wit, in the overlapping, polyrhythmic, accelerating system of interchange which is the African communicational baseline.
Many of the songs were complex and improvisatory in style, including polyrhythmic clapping and percussion.
over polyrhythmic African drums on the Latino radio stations blazing
Segal's sensitivity to West African rhythms is clearly on display in "Balazando" as he opens with a spasmic flurry of notes that might seem random (even accidental) in a European context but settle effortlessly into a polyrhythmic groove when Sissoko's kora arrives in melodic support.
I was making ambient music with breakbeats under the name Future Loop Foundation, inspired by polyrhythmic stuff that Steve Reich was doing with Ghanaian drumming, and Brian Eno, and I started getting a lot of gigs around Europe.