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A cluster of ribosomes that is connected by a strand of messenger RNA and is active in protein synthesis. Also called polysome.


(Biochemistry) biochem an assemblage of ribosomes associated with a messenger RNA molecule, involved in peptide synthesis. Also called: polysome


(ˈpɒl iˌsoʊm)

a complex of ribosomes that lines up along a strand of messenger RNA and translates the genetic code during protein synthesis.
[1960–65; poly- + (ribo) some]
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ATP is one of the important components in forming polyribosome and protein synthesis and its derivatives.
Peptide labeling and separation of polyribosome size classes in embryos
Peripheral blood mononuclear cells stimulated with C5a or lipopolysaccharide to synthesize equivalent levels of IL-1[beta] mRNA show unequal IL-1[beta] protein accumulation but similar polyribosome profile.
Polyribosome dissociation and formation in intact reticulocytes with conservation of messenger ribonuclear acid.
14) found that OGO supplementation in post-surgery parenteral nutrition improved the nitrogen balance, had a partial preventive effect on free-glutamine depletion in muscle tissue, and maintained polyribosome aggregation.
Export proteins are synthesized on polyribosomes bound to the rough endoplasmic reticulum of the hepatocyte; in contrast, protein destined for intracellular use are synthesized on free rather than bound polyribosome (Podolsky and Isselbacher, 1991).
Effect of cadmium on polyribosome structure and function in mouse liver.
Polypeptides called procollagen chains are produced on polyribosomes bound to membranes of RER and translocated into the cisternae and the signal peptide is clipped off.
NR0B1 (DAX1) protein binds mRNAs associated with polyribosomes and regulates other gene expressions on the posttranscriptional level [9].
Association of the mouse infertility factor DAZL1 with actively translating polyribosomes.
This would lead to the dissembly of polyribosomes (Lin and Glazer, 1981), incomplete methylation (Almstedt et al.