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1. Polyester.
2. Polyethylene.


polyadenylic acid


n, pl polys
(Education) informal short for polytechnic
1. (Textiles) informal short for polyester
2. (Textiles) informal short for polythene


(ˈpɒl i)

n., pl. pol•ies.
2. a garment made of polyester.
[by shortening]


a combining form with the meanings “much, many” and, in the names of chemical compounds, “polymeric”: polyandry; polyethylene.
[< Greek, comb. form representing polýs; akin to Old English fela many. See plus]




n abbr
(British) = polytechnic
(=polyester) → polyester m
adj [fleece, sheet] → en polyesterpoly bag [ˌpɒliˈbæg] n (British)sac m en plastique


(Brit) abbr of polytechnic
abbr of polythene; poly bagPlastetüte f, → Plastiktüte f


n. poli, leucocito polimorfonuclear.
References in classic literature ?
Tom Kitten bit and spat, and mewed and wriggled; and the rolling-pin went roly- poly, roly; roly, poly, roly.
Notre Dame left little doubt it could hang with the Long Beach Polys of the world, scoring three times against a defense that hadn't allowed more than one touchdown in a game in more than two months.
Impressive, but stacked alongside the three undefeated seasons and five Southern Section Division I titles Long Beach Poly has won since 1996, it falls somewhere in between ``not bad'' and ``ho-hum.
But a few extra grams isn't loading up, and polys do lower cholesterol (and may counteract the damage--if any--done by trans fats).
NEW YORK -- Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of Stelmar Shipping Ltd (NYSE:SJH) and Chairman of EasyGroup (which includes EasyJet, Plc) (LSE: EZJ), and Polys Haji-Ioannou today announced that their holding companies have commenced the mailing of a proxy statement to Stelmar shareholders urging them, either in person at the November 16 Special Meeting or by granting a proxy to Stelios and Polys, to vote against the proposed sale of Stelmar to Fortress Investment Group LLC.
Michael claims that there are now more than 50 other poly organizations nationwide, and the New York group is planning to hold the first annual Poly Pride Day in New York's Central Park on September 15.
Gardner, "Crosslinkable poly (ether ketones) which incorporate hexafluoroisopropylidene groups," P.
In the report, the publisher introduced their productions & sales from 2004-2011 for China & Global market, poly silicon manufacture technology history, today, & future low cost technology.
As a relatively new CMP application, advanced chipmakers have had to use internally developed poly CMP processes.