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 (pŏl′ē-săk′ə-rīd′) also pol·y·sac·cha·rid (-rĭd) or pol·y·sac·cha·rose (-rōs′, -rōz′)
Any of a class of carbohydrates, such as starch and cellulose, consisting of a number of monosaccharides joined by glycosidic bonds.


(ˌpɒlɪˈsækəˌraɪd; -rɪd) or


(Elements & Compounds) any one of a class of carbohydrates whose molecules contain linked monosaccharide units: includes starch, inulin, and cellulose. General formula: (C6H10O5)n. See also oligosaccharide


(ˌpɒl iˈsæk əˌraɪd, -rɪd)

a complex carbohydrate, as starch, inulin, or cellulose, formed by the combination of nine or more monosaccharides and capable of hydrolyzing to these simpler sugars.
Also, pol`y•sac′cha•rose` (-ˌroʊs)


Any of a class of carbohydrates that are made of long chains of simple carbohydrates (called monosaccharides). Starch and cellulose are polysaccharides.
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Noun1.polysaccharide - any of a class of carbohydrates whose molecules contain chains of monosaccharide molecules
heparin, Lipo-Hepin, Liquaemin - a polysaccharide produced in basophils (especially in the lung and liver) and that inhibits the activity of thrombin in coagulation of the blood; it (trade names Lipo-Hepin and Liquaemin) is used as an anticoagulant in the treatment of thrombosis and in heart surgery
chitin - a tough semitransparent horny substance; the principal component of the exoskeletons of arthropods and the cell walls of certain fungi
glucosamine - an amino derivative of glucose that is a component of many polysaccharides
carbohydrate, saccharide, sugar - an essential structural component of living cells and source of energy for animals; includes simple sugars with small molecules as well as macromolecular substances; are classified according to the number of monosaccharide groups they contain
cellulose - a polysaccharide that is the chief constituent of all plant tissues and fibers
animal starch, glycogen - one form in which body fuel is stored; stored primarily in the liver and broken down into glucose when needed by the body
inulin - used to manufacture fructose and in assessing kidney function
dextrin - any of various polysaccharides obtained by hydrolysis of starch; a tasteless and odorless gummy substance that is used as a thickening agent and in adhesives and in dietary supplements
mucopolysaccharide - complex polysaccharides containing an amino group; occur chiefly as components of connective tissue
amylum, starch - a complex carbohydrate found chiefly in seeds, fruits, tubers, roots and stem pith of plants, notably in corn, potatoes, wheat, and rice; an important foodstuff and used otherwise especially in adhesives and as fillers and stiffeners for paper and textiles


n. polisacárido, carbohidrato que puede disolverse en agua.


adj polisacarídico; n polisacárido
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The detergent is free of an external structurant selected from the group consisting of non-polymeric hydroxyl-containing materials, microfibrillated celluloses, polyacrylates, polysaccharides, polysaccharide derivatives and mixtures thereof.
health supplement market, through a collaboration with an American health supplement company to research and develop agaric polysaccharide (black fungus extract) and its related health supplements, which will be produced in the U.
All adults who are aged 65 years or older should receive 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine routinely in series with 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine, according to a new recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
Knowing the atomic arrangement is crucial for understanding and controlling polysaccharide properties, and tailoring those properties can lead to benefits in food and other applications.
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT has been granted a patent for particles of a polysaccharide derivative, having at least one substituent with conjugated unsaturated bonds and exhibiting an index of refraction in excess of 1.
In 1961, the world's authoritative scientific magazine, Nature, featured Lentinan's antitumor property for the first time, which aroused the scientific community's interest in polysaccharides, especially Chinese herbal polysaccharide.
The target of this study is to produce electrospun and spin coated polysaccharide coatings from blends of hydrophobic trimethylsilylated PS and other hydrophobic PS derivatives and to subsequently regenerate these structures to the PS with the initial (bio-)function.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Tarbiat Modarres University succeeded in the production of silver nanoparticles through a new green method, a combination of modified and microbial polysaccharide methods.
Keywords: Mistletoe preparations; Viscotoxin content; Polysaccharide content
Filtrate was precipitated with ethanol to precipitate out all polysaccharide in light brown form.
Several placebo-controlled clinical studies showed that, with minerals and vitamins, the marine polysaccharide complex is effective in the treatment of hair loss.