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(Biochemistry) another name for polyribosome


(ˈpɒl iˌsoʊm)

a complex of ribosomes that lines up along a strand of messenger RNA and translates the genetic code during protein synthesis.
[1960–65; poly- + (ribo) some]
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Cell-free collagen synthesis on membrane-bound polysomes of chick embryo connective tissue and the localization of prolyl hydroxylase on the polysome-membrane complex.
For instance, the presence of BAP has been linked to enhanced protein synthesis and heightened polysome function.
Several ribosomes can translate an mRNA molecule simultaneously forming a polysome.
Current research focuses on optimizing experimental conditions for improved separation of monosome and polysome fractions in infected and control plant cells.
Ribonuclease activity and polysome profile in human senile cataract.
Differential regulation of polysome mRNA levels in mouse Hepa-1c1c7 cells exposed to dioxin.
Polysome profile experiments indicate that, under conditions of translational repression, target mRNAs are fully loaded with ribosomes, a number of which are engaged in active translation, suggesting that translation initiation and elongation phases are not compromised.
Due to the presence of EDTA within the 60% sucrose cushion, all ribosomes dissociated from their respective mRNA transcripts and accumulated as one large polysome peak, independent of the original number of ribosomes associated with each mRNA transcript.
This cell-free process involves polysome particles that contain a randomly generated polypeptide plus the genetic material coding for the peptide (mRNA), and one or more ribosomes engaged in protein synthesis.
2+]-dominant, -2N2S polysome of the hogbomite group.
In vitro incoration of selenomethionine into protein by Vigna radiate polysomes.
Ribosomal loss, degradation of polysomes, swelling of mitochondria with formation of intramatrical deposits and chromatin condensation are other changes that may occur during necrosis of renal cells [114].