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adj. Botany
Arranged in two or more series or rows.

[Greek polustikhos, of many lines : polu-, poly- + stikhos, row; see stich.]


(Botany) (of plant parts) arranged in a number of rows


(pəˈlɪs tɪ kəs)

arranged in rows or series.
[1885–90; < Greek polýstichos having many lines or verses; see poly-, -stichous]
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1 mm width, deciduous; terciary branches numerous; flowers numerous per branch, polystichous, rotate to slightly campanulate, ca.
Within the Tillandsioideae subfamily, they have been distinguished by a suite of characters including a usually polystichous arrangement of flowers, and joined (fused or conglutinated) petals which are white, cream, green, and yellow to orange (never blue
Superficially, it resembles Aechmea penduliflora Andre, widespread in Central and South America, but the more laxly arranged polystichous, pedicellate flowers argue against any relationship.