polyurethane foam

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Noun1.polyurethane foam - a foam made by adding water to polyurethane plastics
polyurethan, polyurethane - any of various polymers containing the urethane radical; a wide variety of synthetic forms are made and used as adhesives or plastics or paints or rubber
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2] assisted water-blown spray foams," Yoshiyuki Ohnuma and Junichiro Mori, Achilles; and "PM utilization of powdered polyurethane foam scrap as filler in producing polyurethane foam: Thermal properties," Salwa Raafat Mostafa, Cairo University.
Sievert, manager of the SPI Polyurethane Foam Contractors Div.
VPF(SM) uses a fully enclosed environmental chamber to control the conditions under which the polyurethane foam is produced and allows independent control of foam properties and performance characteristics not normally possible in conventional foam making.
Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) expands, making it an ideal solution to fill voids and seal gaps and holes.
Used in rigid and flexible polyurethane foam applications, Rhodia's polyurethane flame retardants activity generated sales of around 60 million euros in 2002 and employs approximately 90 associates.
The Department of Chemical Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, will report on an energy-saving, continuous method of solid-state shear extrusion (SSSE) for pulverizing flexible and rigid polyurethane foam wastes.
The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), which has made a commitment to build an environmentally friendly headquarters expansion, announced today it hopes to use recycled polyurethane foam in the construction of the new headquarters' office furniture.
Silicone stabilizers for the polyurethane foam industry are featured in this one-page, color bulletin.
com's ability to manage a wide range of manufacturing styles natively made it an ideal fit for Barnhardt, whose businesses include various bleached and carded cotton products and a variety of polyurethane foam products.
Manufactures and markets an extensive line of additives for use in all types of polyurethane foam.