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Designating any of a group of polymerized thermoplastic vinyls, such as polyvinyl chloride.


(ˌpɒlɪˈvaɪnɪl; -ˈvaɪnəl)
(Chemistry) (modifier) designating a plastic or resin formed by polymerization of a vinyl derivative


(ˌpɒl iˈvaɪn l)

pertaining to or derived from a vinyl polymer.


[ˈpɒlɪvaɪnl] Npolivinilo m
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Besides, the report provides chlorinated polyvinyl chloride prices in regional markets.
com/research/nn69hb/global_polyvinyl) has announced the addition of the "Global Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP) Industry Report 2015" report to their offering.
du Pont de Nemours and Company has received a patent for an improved flexible polyvinyl chloride composition that resists UV light induced yellowing and mechanical degradation, the polyvinyl chloride composition having a coated titanium dioxide white pigment in an amount ranging from 0.
The problem is solved by a water-insoluble interpenetrating polymer network of a polymer that contains a sulfonic acid or a phosphonic acid group for proton conductivity and a second polymer, polyvinyl alcohol, for film hydration and increased water permeability.
Typical applications include polyethylene terephthalate, polyvinyl chloride, polyolefins, hyaluronic acid and many others.
And a California Occupational Safety and Health Administration spokeswoman said the company was recently cited for polyvinyl chloride exposure that was 22 times above the allowable exposure levels.
The tumor blush was treated with polyvinyl alcohol particles and both retrievable and nonretrievable coils.
Fitted with a rigid, polyvinyl frame, the Therm-O-Lite windows upgrade the interior appearance of older windows but do not alter the exterior appearance of the building.
Air Products and Chemicals, Allentown, PA, has signed an agreement in principle to purchase RhonePoulenc's polyvinyl alcohol-based spun size dry blends and additives used by the textile industry.
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Polyvinyl siloxanes are available in viscosities ranging from very low (for pouring, syringing or wash use), to medium, high and very high.
Typical examples of polyacid segments are polyphosphoric acid, polyvinyl sulfonic acid and polyacrylic acid.