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The polyvinyl acetate blend (PVAc/ PVP), despite a drop in electrophysiological responses when the fibers were exposed to environment, the response remained throughout the five weeks at the same rate of release.
Two tenders requesting offers from specialized companies & agents for the supply of (a) 375 tons tapioca starch for the soaking of yarn & (b) 125 tons PVA - polyvinyl acetate for the same purpose.
Increasing income levels and infrastructure development in India are expected to drive the growth of building materials and related products including water-based adhesives that are categorized into acrylic emulsions and polyvinyl acetate (PVA).
Woodbond 1920 is a one-component polyvinyl acetate (PVA) emulsion adhesive that meets the ASTM D-5572-99 dry use standard for finger jointing of interior wood products.
Sipchem will build two plants at an estimated cost of $810 million for the production of 125,000 tonnes of polyvinyl acetate and 200,000 tonnes of ethylene vinyl acetate annually.
BASF proposed to divest its DMA3 production assets at Ludwigshafen (Germany), Ciba's entire EEA synthetic dry strength agent business and Ciba's global bismuth vanadate business; regarding indanthrone blue, Ciba's know-how of the finishing line, all supply contracts, customer lists and inventories; Ciba's SA business (and the PVAc - polyvinyl acetate and AA - all acrylate businesses) in the EEA at Kaipiainen (Finland); for HALS, Ciba's entire Chimassorb 119 FL business, including the Chimassorb 119 FL production assets, relevant know-how and customer lists; and for UV filters, BASF committed to conclude a UV filter licence agreement, giving third-party access to the technology behind Tinosorb S (a UV filter patented and currently solely produced by Ciba).
Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) was put into use as a varnish and then as a glue.
The plant, owned by the Guangxi Guangwei Chemical Company, mainly produces polyvinyl acetate, calcium carbide and vinyl acetate monomer - chemicals used in making paints, adhesives and coatings, Xinhua said.
Boldrini said the acquired operations include both acrylic and polyvinyl acetate tech-nologies supporting Ashland's sales into paper and film labels, adhesives and sealants, pulp and paper, coatings and woodworking industries.
Veneers were prepared from 2-mm and 4-mm-thick black alder and glued using polyvinyl acetate (PVA) and polyurethane (PU) adhesives.
Microporous materials such as polyvinyl acetate (PVAC) and finely divided substances such as activated carbon, silica and alumina posses' large area of active surface per unit area for adsorption and are strong adsorbents.