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 (pŭm′ĭs, pŏm′-)
1. The pulpy material remaining after the juice has been pressed from fruit, such as apples or grapes. Also called marc.
2. Pulpy material remaining after the extraction of oil from nuts, seeds, or fish.

[Middle English pomis, from Medieval Latin pōmācium, cider, from Vulgar Latin *pōma, apple, fruit; see pome.]


1. (Cookery) the pulpy residue of apples or similar fruit after crushing and pressing, as in cider-making
2. any pulpy substance left after crushing, mashing, etc
[C16: from Medieval Latin pōmācium cider, from Latin pōmum apple]


(ˈpʌm ɪs, ˈpɒm-)

1. the pulpy residue from fruit, seeds, or the like after crushing and pressing, as from apples in cider making.
2. any crushed or ground pulpy substance.
[1545–55; perhaps < Medieval Latin pōmācium cider, derivative of Latin pōmum fruit; see pome]
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Adding apple pomace to processed meat products would not only improve the health benefits of the products, but would also optimize their textural properties because of the good water-holding capacity of dietary fiber.
Thymiatis's research project entailed developing a process to valorize grape pomace, the main solid waste of the wine-making industry.
What's more, the definition also includes eau de vie, fruit brandies and pomace spirits like grappa, as well as rising South American star pisco.
Contract notice: Maintenance and minor repairs of buildings agroparistech hedges of pomace sites and claude bernard paris.
While there, Maxwell samples homemade tsipouro, a traditional refreshment of distilled pomace liquor flavored by anise, and retsina, a local white wine flavored with pine sap dating back 2000 years ago.
Peach juice is an internationally popular beverage because of its high nutritional value and health benefits, and with its consumption rising, approximately 700,000 tons of peach pomace is released annually by juice factories in China.
The country has 15 refining units, 10 pomace oil extracting units and over 1,700 oil mills.
However, it is interesting to note that dihydrochalcones were among the major constituents of the extracts of apple pomace, which inhibited both HSV-1 and HSV-2 replication (Suarez et al.
Further, every home winemaker has a still, and he will also pour you his clear pomace brandy, or Chacha.
Working with Rutgers and North Carolina State universities, researchers combined a variety of fruit pomace extract with soy protein to create Nutrasorb, which contains 5-10% total polyphenols and has applications in functional foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics.
Here, extra virgin olive oil, refined olive oil and olive pomace oil is bottled and shipped to India.
The biodigestor converts Campbell's waste treatment sludge and fruit-and-vegetable waste, or pomace.