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n, vb
(Hairdressing & Grooming) another name for pomade


(poʊˈmeɪ təm, -ˈmɑ-, pə-)

[1555–65; < New Latin, Latinization of pomade]
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Noun1.pomatum - hairdressing consisting of a perfumed oil or ointment
brilliantine - a pomade to make the hair manageable and lustrous
hair grease, hair oil, hair tonic, hairdressing - a toiletry for the hair
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His valet made a fortune out of his wardrobe: his toilet-table was covered with as many pomatums and essences as ever were employed by an old beauty: he had tried, in order to give himself a waist, every girth, stay, and waistband then invented.
My only becoming occupations is to help young flaunting pagins to brush and comb and titiwate theirselves into whitening and suppulchres, and leave the young men to think that there an't a bit of padding in it nor no pinching ins nor fillings out nor pomatums nor deceits nor earthly wanities--an't it, miss
The poet Thomas Moore wrote in his diary of the 1822 Royal Academy exhibition, 'Lawrence's Adonized George IV is disgraceful both to the King and to the painter,' while essayist William Hazlitt (1778-1830) commented the artist had succeeded in transforming his monarch 'far beyond all that wigs, powders and pomatums have been able to effect over the last 20 years.