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Considerable enough to be weighed or assessed; appreciable: ponderable results; ponderable issues.

pon′der·a·bil′i·ty n.


1. able to be evaluated or estimated; appreciable
2. capable of being weighed or measured
(often plural) something that can be evaluated or appreciated; a substantial thing
ˌponderaˈbility n
ˈponderably adv


(ˈpɒn dər ə bəl)

1. worth serious consideration.
2. having appreciable weight.
[1640–50; < Late Latin]
pon`der•a•bil′i•ty, pon′der•a•ble•ness, n.
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Adj.1.ponderable - capable of being weighed or considered; "something ponderable from the outer world--something of which we can say that its weight is so and so"- James Jeans
imponderable - difficult or impossible to evaluate with precision; "such imponderable human factors as aesthetic sensibility"
2.ponderable - capable of being thought about; "space flight to other galaxies becomes more cogitable"
thinkable - capable of being conceived or imagined or considered




[ˈpɒndərəbl] ADJponderable
References in classic literature ?
As a rule, they were stuffed with fear--and with a fear so strange and alien that it had no ponderable quality.
Malaita the real, Malaita the concrete and ponderable, vanished and vanished for ever, as Meringe had vanished, as Skipper had vanished, into the nothingness.
For tragedy implies some ponderable matter in dispute, some dignus vindice nodus; and this piece of work was all about the petulance of a young ass that had been spoiled, and wanted nothing so much as to be tied up and soundly belted.
We were repeatedly pressed to destroy the molybdenum mine at Knaben, the sole source of any ponderable supplies of that metal to the enemy.
That is a ponderable claim to say the least, one worth losing a little sleep over.
But above all, the courthouse: the center, the focus, the hub; sitting looming in the center of the county's circumference like a single cloud in its ring of horizon, laying its vast shadow to the uttermost rim of horizon; musing, brooding, symbolic and ponderable, tall as cloud, solid as rock, dominating all: protector of the weak, judiciate and curb of the passions and lusts, repository and guardian of the aspirations and the hopes.
68) Przywara presents these instructions poetically, as that which goes "from the comprehensible and the certifiable and the ponderable to the sensation of the atmosphere and to the breathing of the breath.
Another and more ponderable reason could be the forthcoming battle for the government stake in Apatit.
It is clearly the most ponderable part of the domain.