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 (pŏn-jē′, pŏn′jē)
A light, plain-woven fabric, usually of tussah or raw silk.

[Of Chinese origin, perhaps from an earlier Chinese (Mandarin) *běn zhī, homemade fabric : běn, root, base, foundation, original, one's own (from Early Middle Chinese pen') + zhī, to weave, spin (from Middle Chinese tʂiăk, ultimately from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *tək; akin to Tibetan ′thag).]


(pɒnˈdʒiː; ˈpɒndʒiː)
1. (Textiles) a thin plain-weave silk fabric from China or India, left in its natural colour
2. (Textiles) a cotton or rayon fabric similar to or in imitation of this, but not necessarily in the natural colour
[C18: from Mandarin Chinese (Peking) pen-chī woven at home, on one's own loom, from pen own + chi loom]


(pɒnˈdʒi, ˈpɒn dʒi)

silk of a slightly uneven weave made from filaments of wild silk woven in natural tan color.
[1705–15; < Chinese běnjī homewoven, literally, one's own loom]
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Noun1.pongee - a soft thin cloth woven from raw silk (or an imitation)
cloth, fabric, textile, material - artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers; "the fabric in the curtains was light and semitransparent"; "woven cloth originated in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC"; "she measured off enough material for a dress"
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There was a blue pongee suit in a window that she knew--by saving twenty cents a week instead of ten, in--let's see--Oh, it would run into years
The umbrellas are manually operation, 3 folds, diameter is 42” arc, the printing is printed on pongee fabric with silver backing, and ribs are made by unbreakable fiberglass.
They lounged around Singapore and Rangoon smoking Opium in a yellow pongee silk suit.
Offered by Ecurie des Monceaux, she is the second foal out of Prudenzia, a half-sister to Group 3 winner Pacifique from the family of classy fillies Alexandrova and Pongee.
Instead, the catalogue presents an assortment of affordable goods that one would classify as fancy non-necessities: pongee handkerchiefs, crape shawls, colored window blinds, fireworks, silk boxes, lacquered backgammon boards, ivory chessmen, snuffboxes, feather dusters, colored paper, walking canes, lacquered furniture, baskets, and multiple varieties of fans.
The daughter of Pivotal is beautifully-bred, being the first foal of Cumani's Lancashire Oaks winner Pongee, and looks capable of considerable improvement.
Although the actual stele is not extant, the "Inscription" is said to have been transcribed on a piece of pongee, allegedly by Wang Xizhi [?
It has large, removable shoot-through mesh windows; quiet, adjustable side window flaps; a vented roof; brush loops and tie-down straps; weatherproof, water-resistant, UV-protected pongee material on the outside; and a darkened interior.
During that war, village men produced weapons, from flintlock rifle barrels to iron pongee stakes, while women circulated outside the village collecting scrap metal and, in acts of true heroism, delivered weapons, strapped to their legs under their skirts, to resistance forces.
The Group Two contest, over the same distance as the Old Newton Cup will see nine go to post and jockey Jimmy Fortune, who has won the pounds 90,000-contest for the last two years with Pongee (2004) and Playful Act (2005), has the chance of a hat-trick with Power Girl.
ominous, wet and dark, filled with disasters and death, brimming with the poison of darts, booby traps that draw and quarter, castrate and decapitate, ants as large as saucers that move in armies, dead-falls filled with sharp pongee stakes, rotting fish, malaria, hepatitis, dead and dying soldiers from both sides .