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 (pŏn-tĭf′ĭ-kĭt, -kāt′)
The office or term of office of a pontiff.
intr.v. (-kāt′) pon·tif·i·cat·ed, pon·tif·i·cat·ing, pon·tif·i·cates
1. To express opinions or judgments in a dogmatic way.
2. To administer the office of a pontiff.

[Latin pontificātus, from pontifex, pontific-, pontifex; see pontifex. V., from Medieval Latin pontificāre, pontificāt-, to act as an ecclesiastic, from Latin pontifex.]

pon·tif′i·ca′tion n.
pon·tif′i·ca′tor n.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) ecclesiast the role of a priest or pope
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There's still a massive question mark over Thierry Henry, one that's been clouded by all the pointless pontification as to whether he's the best striker in the world.
Unlike fellow emigre Richard Neutra, Schindler never knew how to translate brilliance into sweet talk and guru-like pontification.
It contains just as much bizarre and bloodthirsty biblical analysis and pontification as the rest of the work.
An editorial issue that is worth saving a child's life outweighs pontification about the Clinton/Lewinsky/Starr/Hyde affair any day.
My Christmas-pasts fall into the excessive category, so I don't feel qualified to use this space to launch into a pontification against the commercialization of Christmas and finding the "true" spirit of the season.
Harold Bloom's pontification - "detheologizing Dante would be as irrelevant as theologizing him" (The Western Canon, 83) - typifies the response of all too many literary arbiters to a text studded with revelatory glosses.
The author's earnest pontification can at times suffuse the tales and the audience, but his brilliant, witty, ironic plays, mirrors of societal disintegration, national bellicosity, and universal guilt sans forgiveness, rank him as one of the leading contemporary Hungarian dramatists.
I think marketers are tired of large conferences that provide little in the way of actionable insight, too big to connect with peers, and often give attendees a headache after being exposed to a whirlwind of industry pontification," said Aaron Kahlow, Online Marketing Summit Conference Chair and Managing Partner of BusinessOnLine.
The novel contained about 1200 pages of pure pontification, and monologues by protagonists who could not be more officious and obnoxious.
With phrases such as "Freedom without discipline creates confusion" and "It's all in your mind" generously thrown in, the end result is often a mix of drama and tipsy, maudlin pontification as Anamica seeks meaning in the mess around her, earnestly trying to be good.
Elsewhere in these pages you will find the Western Mail's official guide to the Rugby World Cup, packed with punditry, prediction and wise pontification.
This test comes from years of seeing the stronger voices of local politics get buried beneath loud pontification of lesser candidates.