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 (pŏn-tĭf′ĭ-kĭt, -kāt′)
The office or term of office of a pontiff.
intr.v. (-kāt′) pon·tif·i·cat·ed, pon·tif·i·cat·ing, pon·tif·i·cates
1. To express opinions or judgments in a dogmatic way.
2. To administer the office of a pontiff.

[Latin pontificātus, from pontifex, pontific-, pontifex; see pontifex. V., from Medieval Latin pontificāre, pontificāt-, to act as an ecclesiastic, from Latin pontifex.]

pon·tif′i·ca′tion n.
pon·tif′i·ca′tor n.


a person who pontificates
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A pontificator and polemicist, Lobao's willingness to speak--loudly and often profanely--about whatever or whoever annoys him has transformed him into something like Bono's unhinged, evil Brazilian cousin, with bits of David Lee Roth's wink-and-nudge self-importance and Johnny Rotten's naked hostility thrown in.
The specular omen pontificator of samsaric contingency.
Paltrow is not only an Academy winning and multi-nominated actress, she has been on top of her game as a cookbook author, blogger, and lifestyle pontificator and the 40-year-old wife of Coldplay singer, Chris Martin, has added another title to her multi-awarded name: as this year's Most Beautiful Woman.
Ignorance, however, is no serious obstacle to the hardened pontificator, who, armed only with coffee, tobacco, and access to the errors of Wikipedia, feels up to tackling any subject.
Rahul Gandhi has turned out to be a perennial pontificator, spouting promises and wisdom while accomplishing nothing
The Bishop of Downing Street feebly dodged questions about Take That's Gary Barlow but the Great Pontificator in No.
Obviously, that move failed, as "racism" today, for the average pontificator in our national screaming match scarcely means anything more than "personal prejudice.
Wrathall's readings thus show a Heidegger that, far from his reputation as some kind of quasi-mystical pontificator of being or abstruse post-metaphysician out of touch with reality, is at bottom a perfectly grounded philosopher who strives to interpret basic human experiences and activities.
Norman, sweet-natured stoner and irrepressible pontificator, stepped forward.
Get me in a room with a professional pontificator and a group of captive attendees and my innate skepticism turns to total buy-in within a matter of minutes of being fed a few inspiring catchphrases.
4 Professional politician, pontificator and newt fancier Ken Livingstone was also on Question Time, and he was equally clueless.
Bolton is now carving out a career as a thinker and pontificator.