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See punty.

[French, possibly from Italian puntello, diminutive of punto, point, from Latin pūnctum, from neuter past participle of pungere, to prick; see peuk- in Indo-European roots.]


(Ceramics) a less common word for punty
[C19: from French, apparently from Italian puntello; see punty]
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They're hand blown in lead glass with petal moulded flutes to the bottom half of the bowl and stand on domed feet with rough pontils beneath.
The pontil mark is where the glass was attached to the metal pontil rod so that it could be finished by the glass maker.
The absence of blowing pipes as well as other metal tools, except for a few fragments of iron pontils, indicates that the craftsmen took their tools with them when the workshop was abandoned.
At Si Satchanalai, after the initial phase in which spurred discs were used, all trade wares appear to have been fired on pontils of varying heights to prevent the glaze from adhering to the kiln and to take maximum advantage of the available space.
Ingles M, Anadon P (1991) Relationship of clay minerals to depositional environment in the non-marine Eocene Pontils Group, SE Ebro Basin (Spain).
Victorian examples always have rough pontils, a mark left by the glassblowing process, and signs of wear to the base.
Replacing it was the practice of firing pieces on individual tubular stands or firing pontils.