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pooch 1

n. Slang
A dog.

[Origin unknown.]

pooch 2

 (po͞och) Informal
intr.v. pooched, pooch·ing, pooch·es
To bulge; protrude. Used with out: "a little roll of flab that pooches out above the tight waists of their spandex trunks" (Megan Rosenfeld).
A deposit of fat in the pelvic region.

[Alteration of pouch.]


(Animals) a slang word for dog1
[of unknown origin]



n. Informal.
a dog.
[1895–1900; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.pooch - informal terms for dogspooch - informal terms for dogs    
Canis familiaris, dog, domestic dog - a member of the genus Canis (probably descended from the common wolf) that has been domesticated by man since prehistoric times; occurs in many breeds; "the dog barked all night"
Verb1.pooch - round one's lips as if intending to kiss
purse - contract one's lips into a rounded shape


[puːtʃ] Nperro m


n (inf)Hündchen nt
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Dog Furiendlywill serve as an platform listing pubs, cafAaAaAeA@s, restaurant shops, visitor attractions and events across Wales, which allow pooches on their premises.
POOCHES at Manchester Dogs' Home tucked into a turkey dinner with all the trimmings as a Christmas Day treat.
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Pet owners in Coventry and Warwickshire were keen to join in the social media trend, which saw thousands of Twitter users across the UK post pictures of their pooches exercising their democratic right.
EMMA JOHNSON picks out pressies for pooches, pussycats.
Sharon Osbourne spends PS240,000 a year on first class flights bringing her two pooches back and forth from LA.
The more pooches and smiling faces the better, if you ask me
A DOG show with a difference will see pet pooches battle for 'waggiest tail' and 'cutest face' prizes.
In America they call it National Puppy Day, a celebration of pet pooches.
The White House hosted 13 puppies from shelters and rescue groups to "work out" before the Puppy Bowl, held annually on Super Bowl Sunday, featuring pooches playing inside a model stadium.
For the latest must-see channel in America is not the in reality TV or state of the art sports coverage in fact it's not even for humans - it's for pooches.