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poof·y 1

adj. poof·i·er, poof·i·est
Puffy, light, and having great volume or fullness: a poofy hairstyle.

[Probably alteration of pouffy (influenced by poof puffy).]

poof·y 2

adj. poof·i·er, poof·i·est Offensive Slang



[ˈpʊfɪ] ADJ (Brit) (pej) → de maricón


adj (+er) (Brit pej inf) → schwul (inf); clothes, colour, actortuntig (inf), → tuntenhaft (inf)
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The groom wore a navy tuxedo and a bow tie, while the bride wore a Monique Lhuillier dress with spaghetti straps and a big poofy feather skirt.
It's not super poofy but it is pretty full," Kendra said in the video of her bridal style.
Does he think gay men are too limp-wristed and poofy to be miners?
From their first ridiculous appearance in poofy, Michelin Man bloomers, Lauren Margison and Rose Naggar-Tremblay were perfectly detestable as the wicked stepsisters.
There's something out there to suit every style this season, from practical puffers to poofy, wooly creations.
Use a comb to section your hair into two main parts: the front (where all your braids and twists will lay) and the back (where you'll tease hair into a poofy pony).
He said in 2014: "I remember sitting in a script meeting and hearing these men describe one actor as a poof, a storyline described as poofy.
For instance, books like The Lorax, The Story of Ferdinand, and The Paper Bag Princess allow parents and children to have conversations about issues that matter, whether it is recycling, pacifism, or the fact that princesses don't always have to wear pink poofy dresses.
Not only did she and her cute friends dress in similar poofy skirts, but her mama did too.
The poofy, slightly messy strands feel a bit like something you'd get from Comme des Gargons: slightly weird and unexpected.
In an unexpected answer to Justin's prayers for help, Poofy leads Justin down the Path of Possibilities and into the strange new world of the planet Spiritania.