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poof·y 1

adj. poof·i·er, poof·i·est
Puffy, light, and having great volume or fullness: a poofy hairstyle.

[Probably alteration of pouffy (influenced by poof puffy).]

poof·y 2

adj. poof·i·er, poof·i·est Offensive Slang



[ˈpʊfɪ] ADJ (Brit) (pej) → de maricón


adj (+er) (Brit pej inf) → schwul (inf); clothes, colour, actortuntig (inf), → tuntenhaft (inf)
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Not only did she and her cute friends dress in similar poofy skirts, but her mama did too.
Is there anything not to love about a big, poofy bun?
I do it thinking it is completely poofy, but she assures me that men do it now.
In an unexpected answer to Justin's prayers for help, Poofy leads Justin down the Path of Possibilities and into the strange new world of the planet Spiritania.
Rihanna dashed into the live show at the last minute in a poofy, tiered pink confection of silk and tulle from Giambattista Valli.
She used only the hearts cards - about 1,500 of them - and sewed them onto a poofy circle skirt she bought at Nobody's Baby, a vintage clothing shop on 13th Avenue.
Think Peter Pan Collar dresses, baby doll dresses and poofy creations that will be perfect for high tea or a day at the races.
I'd always thought of the 28 as kind of a poofy hunting load, but this one should be lethal on birds if you do your job.
and an interest in music made him a very non-standard cook, far from the image of the poofy hats and white shirts.
For prom this year, girls want short and poofy or long, tight-fitting, with everything cut out -- the sides are gone, the back is gone, the front is basically gone," Nathan Vaknin, manager of Brooklyn-based Fiesta Ladies Fashion, told the Post for the 2010 article.
Some leading mineral-based options come from Alba Botanica, Beyond Coastal, ECO Logical Skin Care, Karen's Botanicals, Kiss My Face, Poofy Organics and Solar Sense, among others.