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 (po͞ol′ro͞om′, -ro͝om′)
1. A commercial establishment or room for the playing of pool or billiards. Also called pool hall.
2. A room where a bookmaker takes bets, as on horseracing.


(ˈpuːlˌruːm; -ˌrʊm)
(Billiards & Snooker) a hall or establishment where pool, billiards, etc, are played


(ˈpulˌrum, -ˌrʊm)

1. an establishment or room for the playing of pool or billiards.
2. a bookmaker's establishment.
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Noun1.poolroom - a room with pool tables where pool is played
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"


[ˈpuːlˌrʊm] nsala da biliardo
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It was the same with the gambling-house keeper and the poolroom man, and the same with any other man or woman who had a means of getting "graft," and was willing to pay over a share of it: the green-goods man and the highwayman, the pickpocket and the sneak thief, and the receiver of stolen goods, the seller of adulterated milk, of stale fruit and diseased meat, the proprietor of unsanitary tenements, the fake doctor and the usurer, the beggar and the "pushcart man," the prize fighter and the professional slugger, the race-track "tout," the procurer, the white-slave agent, and the expert seducer of young girls.
It owned the legislatures in every state in which it did business; it even owned some of the big newspapers, and made public opinion--there was no power in the land that could oppose it unless, perhaps, it were the Poolroom Trust.
Defendant Gideon was arrested and charged in a Florida state court with "br[eaking] and entering] a poolroom with the intent to commit a misdemeanor"--a felony in Florida.
And the houses have some enticing extras: kitchen, parlor, sitting room, poolroom, den, deck with fire pit, open fireplaces and original oil paintings.
A few HydroWorx customers are featured in each market, allowing viewers to obtain layout ideas and best practices in poolroom design.
The poolroom he referred to was where he worked as a teenager.
Their scowls permeated the casual banter and raucous laughter that filtered through to us as we walked quietly up the narrow stairway to the wide, semi-lit poolroom.
26) The book told the story of Clarence Earl Gideon, a Florida drifter accused of breaking into a poolroom who was tried and convicted without a lawyer, and it sought to place the decision his case gave rise to in a larger context.
The name was derived from a poolroom they frequented at Third and Selden avenues.
It's important to understand what neuromarketing can and can't achieve, lest one waste more money than a natural-born sucker in a tenderloin poolroom.
breaking into a poolroom to steal coins and cigarettes, Clarence Gideon
6) In the pre-sentence investigation report prepared by the Florida Parole Commission, Parole and Probation System, in August 1961, to aid Judge McCrary in imposing the sentence, it was reported that "the [d]efendant admits taking the items from the poolroom after finding the back door open, which he claims the operator, Mr.