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The area next to a swimming pool.


the area surrounding a swimming pool
located around a swimming pool
beside a swimming pool



the lounging area around a swimming pool.
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Ray, who scooped a PS120,000 Lotto prize 15 years ago, was sacked in June for allegedly using his mobile phone at the poolside.
The 24-year-old looked rear-ly good as she posed poolside during her sunshine break in Italy's Amalfi Coast.
para]]Hotel near Palm Springs offers poolside culinary pop-up, live musical entertainment and a roster of all-star female DJs[[/para]]
Poolside Cafe in large condo building on Miami Beach.
The One Direction star showed off his latest inkings as he stripped off at a poolside in Brazil.
MEMBERS of the Dilmun Club are enjoying the fruits of a BD30,000 investment in facilities with the opening of a unique screened poolside bar which can be opened up into an entertainment stage.
It's a "third frenetic outing" for Poolside Emergency - a mini-marathon of the weird and wonderful.
None were available but the lady on the desk suggested to ask the lifeguards at the poolside.
Dubai: A businessman and a woman visitor have been accused of getting drunk and flashing their fingers at an engineer after they thought he took photos of them at a poolside.
The survey, which polled an international audience of customers from 70 countries, revealed that smartphones were favoured over tablets, laptops, portable music players, eReaders, digital cameras and handheld games consoles on flights, in business meetings, by the poolside on holiday and while watching TV at home.
The spacious poolside at the hotel is being readied to resemble a large tent with attractive decor and a giant screen for live telecast.
One concept making a splash poolside is what Hilton Worldwide's poolside promotion.