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also pu·ri (po͝or′ē)
n. pl. poo·ris also pu·ris
A light unleavened wheat bread of South Asia, usually fried in deep fat.

[Hindi pūrī, from Sanskrit pūraḥ, cake; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Cookery) Indian cookery an unleavened Indian bread or cake
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Al Areen's chefs set up various food stations at the resort featuring Indian street food favourites such as chicken kathi roll, halwa poori and dahi wada as a troupe of drummers dressed in traditional attire entertained guests.
The varied assortment of dishes ranging from Pav Bhaji, Vada Pao, Bhel, Sev Pao, Bombay Duck, Pani Poori, Fish curry, Bheja fry, Kebabs, Masala Bhaat, Cutting chai and much more.
You can also have kulcha matar/channa instead of bhatura or poori.
Poori and Karak: Poori and Karak will offer a wide range of Indian 'chapatti', 'poori' and 'parati' sandwiches that will satisfy local flavours.
The stall of Halwa Poori and Chanay was put in place within the premises of his accommodation in Gujranwala.
I'm sure you'll like the Guac Pani Poori for starters and Roti Roll Prawns," he said.
It had promised 'karza-kurki khatam (elimination of loans and auctions), fasal di poori rakam' (complete payment for produce).
In association with 'CRY - Child Rights and You', and as a part of its corporate social initiative, HTC Corporation, a leading innovator in mobile and virtual reality technology, has launched the initiative 'Aarzoo: ek wish har Aarzoo poori karne ki'' in India.
Hai suna ye poori dharti tu chalata hai Meri bhi sun le araj, mujhe ghar bulaata hai Bhagwan hai kahaan re tu, aye khuda hai kahan re tu I've heard that you run the whole world, Listen to my prayer too, my home calls me, O Lord, where are you?
Then poori, parantha, Dal, several varieties of vegetables, dahi.
Rahul's ' message', conceptualised by poll strategist Prashant Kishor, is part of the party's mega farmer outreach programme ' Karza Kurki Khatam- Fasal Di Poori Rakam'.
In truth, Mac's staff had won us over on arrival when they brought a bowl of bhel poori - an amazingly fragrant nibble of cornflour noodles, coriander, apple and tamarind sauce.