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also pu·ri (po͝or′ē)
n. pl. poo·ris also pu·ris
A light unleavened wheat bread of South Asia, usually fried in deep fat.

[Hindi pūrī, from Sanskrit pūraḥ, cake; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Cookery) Indian cookery an unleavened Indian bread or cake
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The poori is crispier than regular pooris and the subzi is semi-dry with amazingly thick gravy.
India's traditional 'mras' (specially made mango pulp) is poured in torrents into containers and packed with the ideal accompaniment - pooris, which are deep fried wheat bread.
YOU know it as kuttu atta, which is the most common flour used for making pooris and halwa during the fasting season.
Khubz rakhal, pooris, harees, fatta, meat dishes, boiled chick peas and shorba are among the many dishes we have here," she explains.
Transfer the curry to a serving plate and serve hot with pooris or plain boiled rice.
African foods, such as cassava and plantain, are served with Gujarati curries and South Indian bhel pooris.
It is oily and full of carbs, but pooris, samosas and poi bread with potato and chickpea bhaji is just what the doctor ordered if you plan to hit the road.
Gary can't stop raving about paani- pooris and jhaal- moori, and the tamarind- glazed spare ribs at Indian Accent, the fine- dining restaurant in Friends Colony ( West), and George has fallen head over heels in love with the jalebi.
The samosas and pooris are a delight, and I love the little rice puddings - very more-ish.
For starters, tickle your appetite with the paani pooris and kanji wada , and then quickly get down to business.
I have never been to the Old Delhi Railway Station without succumbing to the temptation of digging the uniformly round pooris accompanied by the Purani Dilli favourite--watery aloo ki sabzi spiked with Bengal grams.
The one thing she's mastered from her husband is the art of making perfect luchis (very soft pooris made the Bengali way).