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also pu·ri (po͝or′ē)
n. pl. poo·ris also pu·ris
A light unleavened wheat bread of South Asia, usually fried in deep fat.

[Hindi pūrī, from Sanskrit pūraḥ, cake; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Cookery) Indian cookery an unleavened Indian bread or cake
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Flavoured breads or breads produced with a sourdough base are popular on European routes while parathas, pooris, and naan bread are served on all nine Emirates routes to India.
The diet includes seasonal fruits to keep the body nourished, liquids for the body to be well hydrated, gluten free ingredients such as Singhare ka atta, Rajgiri ka atta, kuttu ka atta, saboodana which can be used to make rotis, pancakes, muffins, pooris, etc.
Even if you're in the anti-avocado squad, like my companion, you must know, he ate more pooris than me.
To make crispier pooris: When kneading wheat flour dough for making pooris, add a teaspoon of semolina or little rice flour to the wheat flour.
These pooris are similar to the kachoris due to the urad dal stuffing in them and are healthier than kachoris as it uses whole wheat instead of refined flour.
The poori is crispier than regular pooris and the subzi is semi-dry with amazingly thick gravy.
India's traditional 'mras' (specially made mango pulp) is poured in torrents into containers and packed with the ideal accompaniment - pooris, which are deep fried wheat bread.
YOU know it as kuttu atta, which is the most common flour used for making pooris and halwa during the fasting season.
For those who like a spicy twist, treat yourself to chaat or Pani Pooris dipped in Vodka.
For less than the price of a Pepsi, a wayside food stall will offer pooris so hot you can singe your fingers and potato curry so spicy you need to waggle your tongue a dozen times.
El jefe de Economistas de Standard & Pooris dice que el proceso de recuperacion ya ha comenzado, aunque admite que es fragil, avanza a paso de tortuga y que podria ser tumbado en cualquier momento por algun evento desafortunado.
El tambien se refirio a Mias Pooris, de Camoustie, de quien, a menudo, he oido hablar y, en general, fue muy agradable toparse con Dixon que es una buena persona integral.