pop back

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w>pop back

vt sep(schnell) zurücktun (inf); pop the lid back on the boxklapp den Deckel wieder auf die Schachtel; pop it back in(to) the boxtu es wieder in die Schachtel
vischnell zurücklaufen; she popped back for her booksie lief zurück, um ihr Buch zu holen
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3 Next top with grated cheese and pop back into the oven for another 6-7 minutes until the egg is just cooked and the cheese melted.
Dee, who is appearing on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side, set tongues wagging about a possible re-appearance when she tweeted: "It would be fun to pop back in though".
FINALLY, | don't leave the car unlocked and running to defrost on the drive whilst you pop back inside for a hot cuppa - if it gets stolen while unattended you could find you're not covered by your insurance.
Finally, don't leave the car |unlocked and running to defrost on the drive while you pop back inside - if it gets stolen while unattended you could find you're not covered by your insurance.
The ambulance guy even went out of his way to pop back later that morning to see how I was.
Also, make sure the lock handle doesn't pop back up before inserting the pin.
Superintendent Jim Napier, Sunderland Area Command, said: "People might think they're saving time by leaving the engine running to de-ice the car while they pop back into their house, but we're urging them not to do this.
Pop Back To Creation Sara Lowes The Manchester singer/ songwriter has a long history of collaborations, working with the likes of The Earlies, King Creosote and Jim Noir.
SHOPAHOLIC Victoria Beckham looks like she needs to pop back to the mall for a new outfit.
With the King of Pop back in the UK it seems that music is back in the hearts of British MJ fans," the Sun quoted a Play.
Even though she retired last Friday, she's vowed to pop back to continue the gardening - and to finally finish the mural.
uk website, the tenor revealed on Wednesday: "I'm writing this from a hotel in London where I have been staying whilst the album has been recorded - but yesterday I did manage to pop back to the mobile phone shop where I was working just a few weeks ago and see my friends which was lovely - and I even managed to sell a phone while I was there