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Noun1.pop bottle - a bottle for holding soft drinkspop bottle - a bottle for holding soft drinks  
bottle - a glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped
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To get started, you will need a sharp utility knife, some string, a bamboo cane or wooden chopstick, birdseed and a decent-sized empty pop bottle.
These fourth-graders and their classmates at Dudley Elementary School recently completed a biography lesson that brought to life 146 pop bottle characters.
One of the toilets had a pop bottle in it, none of the cubicles had toilet paper and the oor was wet.
Mr Kilroy, 49, said the old Ben Shaws pop bottle changed hands at the WEEKEND in a private deal for PS1,200.
Tenants won't have to defrost their toilet cistern with a heater made from an old pop bottle filled with meths.
Driving down the motorway in the fast lane you suddenly feel a little peckish or thirsty so reach over and start unwrapping a sweet or unscrewing the top off a pop bottle.
He now carries only what he can: a few clothes, some books and his little pop bottle for his daily beers.
Kyle's mother, Sharon Pitchford, said: "I'm disgusted someone can get hold of chemicals at school and hide them in a pop bottle.
Tiny Plants - Big Pop' What you need: 1 package yeast 15 ml sugar 1 litre warm water 2-litre plastic pop bottle Cork Vaseline What to do?
Then when the cork exploded from the pop bottle, out came an effervescent fizz of Americana in the mould of World Party.
Set designer Debby Lee Coben dresses the stage first with fragments of Greek columns, then renders a heaven out of cheap disposables: pop bottle leaves on spindly trees, plastic vines and pinwheel flowers adorning a chain-link fence footlighted by gallon-jug lamps.
From the day POPS opened its doors along Route 66, it made national news, with its landmark architecture, 66-foot-tall pop bottle, and stunningly diverse menu of soda pop.