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Noun1.pop bottle - a bottle for holding soft drinkspop bottle - a bottle for holding soft drinks  
bottle - a glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped
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If we had a Corona pop bottle to return to the cafe, my reward for fetching Dad's Player's Navy Cut was to spend the deposit due on the bottle on whatever I wanted.
I can remember being impressed with my first plastic pop bottle.
They have put their creativity to the test by using the bottom of a pop bottle to grow flowers and then using the remaining bottle parts to make bird feeders and wind catchers.
These fourth-graders and their classmates at Dudley Elementary School recently completed a biography lesson that brought to life 146 pop bottle characters.
Use the clues to match the names with their creations: a bird feeder from a pop bottle, a papier-mache mask from newspaper, kazoos from a paper towel tube, and finger puppets from marker caps.
org/sln/vollis, Join the Science Museum of Minnesota as their staff tours the Vollis farm, home to many unique and large windmills and whirligigs Site includes student activities and instructions for building a pop bottle whirligig
Driving down the motorway in the fast lane you suddenly feel a little peckish or thirsty so reach over and start unwrapping a sweet or unscrewing the top off a pop bottle.
He now carries only what he can: a few clothes, some books and his little pop bottle for his daily beers.
Tiny Plants - Big Pop' What you need: 1 package yeast 15 ml sugar 1 litre warm water 2-litre plastic pop bottle Cork Vaseline What to do?
Set designer Debby Lee Coben dresses the stage first with fragments of Greek columns, then renders a heaven out of cheap disposables: pop bottle leaves on spindly trees, plastic vines and pinwheel flowers adorning a chain-link fence footlighted by gallon-jug lamps.
From the day POPS opened its doors along Route 66, it made national news, with its landmark architecture, 66-foot-tall pop bottle, and stunningly diverse menu of soda pop.