pop psych

pop′ psych′

the collection of psychological concepts, usually simplistic and superficial, that are disseminated by the mass media.
- pop′-psych′,
adj. - pop′ psychol′ogist,
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By pop psych writer Malcolm Gladwell's rules, that makes her a world-class party hostess.
While to an extent Alia's bold, independent nature seems a case of imposing contemporary attitudes in an unlikely historical setting, "Territories" is ultimately an exercise in gamesmanship that doesn't require credibility in the more literal-minded sense--complete with bits of humorously anachronistic dialogue out of today's pop psych and slang vernacular.
On Death and Dying" is no mere pop psych potboiler.
Written by then-13-year-old co-star Nikki Reed (with the aid of director Catherine Hardwicke), this immersive study of no-longer-girls-gone-wild strip-mines every alarmist notion in pop psych books about modern teens.
These days, pop psych icon Dr Ruth has answers for both audiences.
The territory of fanzines, girl bands, and a host of recent artists and writers, this self-consciously downbeat vision salvages its images from a melange of bad plays, pop psych, and supermarket novels from Ann Bannon to Jacqueline Susann.