pop quiz

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pop′ quiz′

a short test given to a class by a teacher, without prior warning or announcement.
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Noun1.pop quiz - a quiz given without prior warning
quiz - an examination consisting of a few short questions
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POP quiz Never Mind The Buzzcocks has been axed by the BBC after almost two decades.
Take a pop quiz on the essential financial facts about Greece at www.
NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS BBC2 10pm More snarky pop quiz antics with new host Rhod Gilbert.
ICONIC pop quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks returns to BBC Two later this year with a brand new full-time host - Welsh comedian, Rhod Gilbert.
Recorded at The Electric in Brixton and pitched midway between a live gig, Buzzcocks and The Golden Hour, this pop quiz pits two teams allegedly representing the years of 1995 and 2005.
At the Nordoff-Robbins pop quiz Paolo's management bought a pair of Pink tickets for tonight's gig at the SECC - and they have kindly opted to re-donate them to the Daily Record.
30pm) The anarchic, awardwinning pop quiz continues.
POP QUIZ If you've got something tough to say, you would .
Students who visited the booth took a pop quiz on personal finance, answering questions such as, "Credit card companies must give you 60 days notice before raising your interest rate.
From the birth dates of stars and major musical events to fun pop quiz queries, TODAY IN HISTORY: MUSICALS is a fine discussion for any fan of the genre.
Liverpool Pop Quiz, autographed by Spencer Leigh, to offer as prizes.