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Noun1.popularism - music adapted to the understanding and taste of the majority
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
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203 (1995) (discussing how the jury injects popularism into judicial decisions).
It was not immediately clear why Mr Mansour decided to enter a presidential race in which only one other candidate, Nasserite Hamdeen Sabahy, has so far been willing to challenge Mr Al-Sisi who has cloaked himself in a mantle of nationalism and popularism and a military-backed vow to root out terrorism increasingly defined as any form of support for Mr Morsi's outlawed Muslim Brotherhood or opposition to military-backed rule.
But, while it may be a powerful statement backed up by the economic numbers, it lacks the immediacy and punch, critics say popularism, of Labour's message.
Kersten and West look at the rise of developer popularism in the rapidly changing software industry
That is unlikely to change any time soon, but there is the consolation that the awards were hijacked by triviality and popularism several years ago and the winner gains about as much kudos as the last one left in the I'm A Celebrity jungle.
This meant that he was genuinely a liberal progressive at heart and his popularism no more undermined his core beliefs in constitutional government and international order than did Disraeli's.
What I saw in the radical changes in 1974 and have more seen in the last two reorganisations in Wales is that restructuring was influenced by a need to change, even though the process was not entirely free of political dogma, protectionism or popularism.
As much as people were captivated by his lectures, they were just as mystified by his personality, which frankly lacked any worldly popularism or friendly receptivity.