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Noun1.popularism - music adapted to the understanding and taste of the majority
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
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The Government must act in the country's best interest, not ideology and popularism.
Fresh from touring the world with Joe Henry and galvanised by "events", not least the worrying rise of popularism, Billy Bragg is dealing with it in the best way he knows how, by strapping on his electric guitar and heading out on tour across the UK and Europe.
In the autopsy of her defeat, some indisputable factors have been cited, including Russian interference, the FBI's handling of the email scandal, her perceived elitism and untrustworthy character and Trump's exploitation of the rise of popularism over policy.
The party was founded by the late Reverend Ian Paisley, a firebrand politician whose mix of popularism and Free Methodist Presbyterianism was encapsulated in the loyalist catchphrase of "No surrender".
Another great chasm that has opened is high culture versus popularism so you have Tony 'Royal Opera House' Hall against Tony 'Top 40' Blackburn.
All the texts represented here are centred on the person of Christ but are otherwise very varied, and Maureen Boulton is at pains to stress the contrast between the theological sophistication of Grosseteste's Castle of Love and the popularism of, for instance, The Childhood of Jesus Christ or Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln.
8) Eventually, as Wittman (1989:1396) argues, this line of reasoning leads that competition for political office reduces the potential for opportunism and/or popularism by politicians.
203 (1995) (discussing how the jury injects popularism into judicial decisions).
It was not immediately clear why Mr Mansour decided to enter a presidential race in which only one other candidate, Nasserite Hamdeen Sabahy, has so far been willing to challenge Mr Al-Sisi who has cloaked himself in a mantle of nationalism and popularism and a military-backed vow to root out terrorism increasingly defined as any form of support for Mr Morsi's outlawed Muslim Brotherhood or opposition to military-backed rule.
But, while it may be a powerful statement backed up by the economic numbers, it lacks the immediacy and punch, critics say popularism, of Labour's message.
As Lynda Nead points out: "The spectre of history painting was constantly lurking, threatening to discredit the claims of genre, but one way in which genre painting could be rescued from the accusations of mediocracy and popularism was in relation to a concept of work and the values of industry, skill and finish.
It is neither a field survey, nor social or anthropological research but, a completely new type of narrative, straightforward and modest, naive and firsthand with obvious touches of popularism and it provides a rich collection of local human profiles in a way to be described as popular urban narrative or oral history.