popularity contest

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Noun1.popularity contest - competition (real or figurative) for popular support
contest - a struggle between rivals
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But the star, who danced a samba last night with partner Tristan MacManus, said: "I understand people may not know me, but it's not a popularity contest.
Enda Kenny, Phil Hogan, Alan Shatter and Eamon Gilmore can forget about winning a political popularity contest any time soon.
If it were a popularity contest, India's passionate billions would ensure Tendulkar won hands down.
Will Angham beat Donia in this popularity contest, or will newcomer Donia remain on top?
It can absolutely feel like one big popularity contest, and you know what?
So before they go into print they should consider what they're saying because, make no mistake, this government is not doing this exercise for a popularity contest, they're doing it because it is absolutely necessary to safeguard everyone's interests.
But being Liverpool manager is not a popularity contest.
Summary: Yuko Oshima has won an annual popularity contest to become the leader of the world's largest girl group AKB48.
Sara, from Edinburgh, said: "It's a popularity contest and there are a lot of people I don't get on with.
BY tomorrow night you might be kicking yourself for not taking the chance to back ROBBIE SAVAGE at 11-2 to lose a popularity contest, writes Phil Agius.
If it was a popularity contest she'd win hands down, but it's a dance competition.
The councillor took part in a TV-style internet popularity contest called I'm a Councillor Get Me Out of Here.