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Noun1.population profile - a chart showing the number of people as a function of their ages
profile - an analysis (often in graphical form) representing the extent to which something exhibits various characteristics; "a biochemical profile of blood"; "a psychological profile of serial killers"
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Source: American Community Survey: 2013 Selected Population Profile in the United States, Hispanic or Latino, Table S0201 http://factfinder.
Social isolation is now being identified as a public health issue and it is clearly going to be a priority for future years as our population profile changes and we have a larger proportion of over 65s and over 85s.
Mr Smith said that while China has an ageing population profile similar to that of the west - which was unusual amongst emerging economies - it has still to fully exploit the potential of its domestic demand.
According to the population profile in the Mena region, the youth dominate as more than 50 per cent are below the age of 25, said Johan Andrews, Contributing Editor at The Economist, during The Economist Events' "Future of Work ME Summit" in Dubai.
Phase 3 data demonstrates average admissions of 7 per year, similar population profile and a sixty two percent successful completion rate.
According to information obtained from a DOC Inmate Population Profile, published online monthly, on Oct.
One fifth of any population profile is a statistically significant number raising the question, how many teenagers are actually sexually active, and what is the real percentage that eventually falls pregnant.
On the occasion, the Secretary said Pakistans population profile has changed the proportion of working age.
As the population profile shows an age increase, we have to face up to the realities of failing body function as age increases.
By working with nine key housing providers across the region, the representation now mirrors, and, in some cases, exceeds the region's population profile.
4) "The Population Profile of the United States: America at the Close of the 20th Century.

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