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pork·y 1

adj. pork·i·er, pork·i·est
1. Of or like pork: a porky flavor.
2. Derogatory Slang Fat or corpulent.

pork′i·ness n.

por·ky 2

n. pl. por·kies Informal
A porcupine.

[Shortening and alteration of porcupine.]


adj, porkier or porkiest
1. (Cookery) belonging to or characteristic of pork: a porky smell.
2. informal fat; obese
ˈporkiness n


n, pl porkies
slang Brit a lie. Also called: pork pie
[from rhyming slang pork pie lie]


(ˈpɔr ki, ˈpoʊr-)

adj. pork•i•er, pork•i•est.
1. of, pertaining to, or resembling pork.
2. fat; obese.
pork′i•ness, n.


A. ADJgordo, gordinflón
B. N (Brit) (= lie) → bola f, mentira f


1 (inf)
adj (+er) (= fat)fett
nSchwindelei f


n (US inf) → Stachelschwein nt
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