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pork·y 1

adj. pork·i·er, pork·i·est
1. Of or like pork: a porky flavor.
2. Derogatory Slang Fat or corpulent.

pork′i·ness n.

por·ky 2

n. pl. por·kies Informal
A porcupine.

[Shortening and alteration of porcupine.]


adj, porkier or porkiest
1. (Cookery) belonging to or characteristic of pork: a porky smell.
2. informal fat; obese
ˈporkiness n


n, pl porkies
slang Brit a lie. Also called: pork pie
[from rhyming slang pork pie lie]


(ˈpɔr ki, ˈpoʊr-)

adj. pork•i•er, pork•i•est.
1. of, pertaining to, or resembling pork.
2. fat; obese.
pork′i•ness, n.


A. ADJgordo, gordinflón
B. N (Brit) (= lie) → bola f, mentira f


1 (inf)
adj (+er) (= fat)fett
nSchwindelei f


n (US inf) → Stachelschwein nt
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Even his lips were embarrassed by that porky-pie and they tried to sneak out of sight behind his left ear.
Star performance They may not have been A-List, but fair play to the celebs, who turned out in large numbers to raise money for charity That ain't necessarily so "The next star is someone you know very well indeed" - compAre 'Diddy' David Hamilton might have been telling a porky-pie there.
No, the high-tech way to suss out a liar is to whip out an MRI scanner (try the January sales) and pop your potential porky-pie teller into the X-ray tube thingy and have a look at his brain.
How to tell when someone is telling you a porky-pie
As always, host Rob Brydon invites team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack and an assorted mix of celebs to tell porky-pies about themselves.
He has got a groin strain -and for those who think I am telling porky-pies, I have got a scan which proves he has damaged his groin," said the manager following his side's 2-1 loss.
Some think I'm telling porky-pies because no one could be that lucky.
When hunger-striking Barry Horne's Animal Rights mates kept saying he was in a coma, only hours from death, that his liver had packed up and he was deaf and blind, they were actually telling huge porky-pies - if you'll excuse the apposite rhyming slang.
30pm For the past five years, the BBC has been inviting myriad comedians and celebs to join panellists David Mitchell and Lee Mack and host Rob Brydon, pictured, to tell porky-pies about themselves.
Making up a load of porky-pies is a natural instinct when you find yourself in hot water.