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1. Sexually explicit writing, images, video, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.
2. Lurid or sensational material. Often used in combination: violence pornography.

[French pornographie, from pornographe, pornographer, from Late Greek pornographos, writing about prostitutes : pornē, prostitute; see per- in Indo-European roots + graphein, to write; see -graphy.]

por·nog′ra·pher n.
por′no·graph′ic (pôr′nə-grăf′ĭk) adj.
por′no·graph′i·cal·ly adv.


(pɔrˈnɒg rə fər)

a person who writes or sells pornography.
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Noun1.pornographer - someone who presents shows or sells writing or pictures that are sexually explicit in violation of the community mores
impresario, promoter, showman - a sponsor who books and stages public entertainments
pornográf írószeméremsértő írótrágár író


[pɔːˈnɒgrəfəʳ] Npornografista mf


[pɔːrˈnɒgrəfər] npornographe m/f
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Esteemed pornographer Dave Pounder has produced, directed, and performed in adult films for over a decade, with over one hundred titles to his credit.
The company, which is headed by world-famous pornographer Larry Flynt, has also said it can host a party for the singer when he turns 21, the New York Daily News reported.
The University of Oregon paid $1,500 to Tristan Taormino, a feminist pornographer, to have her deliver her lecture "My Life as a Feminist Pornographer" on Feb.
But not too young to be branded a child pornographer.
Such emigrant material occupies a small part of those novels, in the end, although estrangement and rituals of return became central to many fictions that trace a path towards That They May Face the Rising Sun, notably, The Pornographer, 'Old-fashioned', and 'The Country Funeral'.
There were people who felt it was incompatible for someone to stand up publicly and say, 'I'm a pornographer, and I'm a lector at St.
I can't speak to the merits of "Seven Santas" (at the Open Fist Theatre) or "The Eight: Reindeer Monologues" (at the Production Company), but Goode's new comedy, "Love Loves a Pornographer," is a comic ride through manners and blackmail of which Oscar Wilde -- who is being lovingly spoofed -- would quite approve.
A child pornographer who wants to remain anonymous may use a proxy server anytime they communicate online with the hosting provider.
For years the Murdoch press has labelled rival newspaper baron Richard Desmond a pornographer in articles charting his business which has included pornographic magazines and TV channels," relates Steiner.
LUKAS Moodysson's latest is not for the fainthearted (no pun intended), laying bare the emotional devastation wrought by an amateur pornographer when he casts a friend in his latest "masterpiece".
A South London pornographer offered our investigators the film in CD-Rom form, meaning it can easily be put on the internet and peddled worldwide.