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 (pôrn) Slang
a. Pornography.
b. A pornographic film or video.
2. Lurid or sensational material. Often used in combination: disaster porn.
3. Printed material featuring enticing photography: "quirky or scholarly garden books that would be lost in the spring flood of garden porn" (Michael Pollan).

porn′y adj.


adj, -nier or -niest
slang relating to pornography; pornographic
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htm) website , Pall described the character as "corny not porny.
Among the best is Ted Willcox, a World War II rear gunner who learned a simple quarter-inch loop stitch while in therapy, then used his newfound skill to create porny, perspectivally crude embroideries of writhing pinups, as well as an Alice in Wonderland tapestry cycle specifically commissioned by Blake.
She also admitted to going through their e-mails and having a habit of bursting into the room whenever one of them's on the internet in order to surprise them should they be doing anything vaguely porny.
An interest in satirizing porn runs through De Palma's work, most strikingly in the false film-within-the-film opening of 1981 Blow Out, which begins with footage from a porny cheapjack horror film, "Co-ed Frenzy," and concludes with a ludicrously unconvincing woman's scream.