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Any of several disorders of porphyrin metabolism, usually hereditary, characterized by the presence of large amounts of porphyrins in the blood and urine.

[New Latin : porphyr(in) + -ia.]

por·phyr′ic adj.


(Medicine) of or relating to porphyria
(Medicine) a person suffering from porphyria
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The illustrated samples bearing cassiterite and yazganite minerals (Figures 4 & 5) come from the edges of fissures in the porphyric pyroxene andesitic rocks at Senir Sirti.
In cohesive horizons, the coarse/fine-related distribution was mostly porphyric, confirming the observations made by Ferreira et al.
Favorable outcome of acute porphyric neuropathy after treatment with haem arginate.
Acute porphyric attacks can be life-threatening and the long-term consequences include irreversible nerve damage, liver cancer and kidney failure.
In combination with potential porphyric hepatotoxicity, this could have prompted catastrophic hepatic failure were the gallbladder left in situ.
Subsoils in class 1 and 2 (Table 1) have a monic-gerfuric-chitonic coarse-fine distribution, class 3 and 4 (Table 1) have a chitonic enaulic distribution, and class 5 (Table 1) has an enaulic porphyric distribution.
The causation of unconsciousness and convulsions in this patient could be complex including acute porphyric crisis (1), cerebral malaria due to P.
Currently available therapies do not prevent the symptoms and consequences of acute porphyric attacks.
During his reign Britain lost its American colonies, whilst its monarch lost his mind in recurrent fits of porphyric madness.
Care should be taken when prescribing medication for such patients because many drugs have been reported as possible precipitants of an acute porphyric crisis [Gorchein, 1997].
Follow-up studies of porphyric mothers reported incidents of fetal deaths (Gocmen et al.
An analysis of 112 acute porphyric attacks in Cape Town, South Africa: evidence that acute intermittent porphyria and variegate porphyria differ in susceptibility and severity.