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 (pə-rĕkt′, pô-)
adj. Biology
Extended forward and outward: porrect mandibles.

[Latin porrēctus, past participle of porrigere, to stretch out : por-, forward, out; see per in Indo-European roots + regere, to direct, rule; see direct.]


(Botany) botany extended forwards
[C20: from Latin porrectus, from porrigere to stretch out]


(pəˈrɛkt, pɔ-)

extending horizontally; projecting.
[1810–20; < Latin porrēctus, past participle of porrigere to stretch out =por- forth, forward (akin to per-) + -rigere, comb. form of regere to rule, guide]
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5 mm long, slightly porrect, ochraceous to light yellow, dilated at the base, fused for 0.
PORRECT A Scottish gruel B Extended C Clad in purple who am I?
7): Elongate, porrect, densely covered by very long and dense setigerous tubercles; anterior and posterior lobes separated by a deep transverse impression dorsally at level of eyes; preocular part about twice as long as postocular part; eye (Fig.
Small; antennae brown, bipectinate except distal 1/3; vertex covered with short pale gray scales; compound eyes dark brown, naked and large; labial palpi upturned and porrect, covered with brown scales except for orange scales ventrally.
The palpi are porrect, pale reddish underside with a short terminal segment and corps with hair tufts; the basal sensory patch is elongated and covered with white hairs, the underside of the palpi light greybrown.