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 (pôr′ĭn-jər, pŏr′-)
A shallow cup or bowl with a handle.

[Middle English, alteration of potinger, potager, from Old French potager, from potage, soup; see pottage.]


(Cookery) a small dish, often with a handle, for soup, porridge, etc
[C16: changed from Middle English potinger, poteger, from Old French potager, from potage soup, contents of a pot; see pottage]


(ˈpɔr ɪn dʒər, ˈpɒr-)

a low dish or cup, often with a handle, from which soup, porridge, or the like is eaten.
[1515–25; variant of earlier poddinger, akin to late Middle English potinger, alter., with inserted nasal, of potager < Middle French. See pottage, -er2]
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Noun1.porringer - a shallow metal bowl (usually with a handle)porringer - a shallow metal bowl (usually with a handle); "the child was eating pottage from a porringer"
bowl - a dish that is round and open at the top for serving foods
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Hunger rattled its dry bones among the roasting chestnuts in the turned cylinder; Hunger was shred into atomics in every farthing porringer of husky chips of potato, fried with some reluctant drops of oil.
When the witch saw that the children had escaped her, she was furious, and, hitting the cat with a porringer, she said: 'Why did you let the children leave the hut?
The pretty girl went upstairs, leaving Rene to finish his porringer of buckwheat in boiled milk.
She had been very good to me, but I cannot remember that she ever petted me much; besides, she worked out in the fields like a man, poor thing; and if she fondled me at times, she also used to rap my fingers with the spoon if I ate the soup too fast out of the porringer we had between us.
When the bundle was made up for, or on what occasion laid where I found it, I knew not, but when I came to open it I found there was a suit of childbed-linen in it, very good and almost new, the lace very fine; there was a silver porringer of a pint, a small silver mug and six spoons, with some other linen, a good smock, and three silk handkerchiefs, and in the mug, wrapped up in a paper, 18s.
Of this festive composition each boy had one porringer, and no more--except on occasions of great public rejoicing, when he had two ounces and a quarter of bread besides.
When he had given him this information, and a tin porringer containing his breakfast, the man locked him up again; and went clattering along the stone passage, opening and shutting a great many other doors, and raising numberless loud echoes which resounded through the building for a long time, as if they were in prison too, and unable to get out.
Around 1,200 well-preserved pieces include plates, platters, porringers, salts and flagons, some carrying the marks of pewterers in Antwerp and Bruges, but many others made in England for the export market.
The collection includes plates, platters, porringers, salts and flagons in an array of sizes and styles.
0734-1818), and Myer Myers 0723-95), as well as standard forms such as porringers and tankards (not to mention some delightful surprises).
The advertisement read: 'The Manufacturer of China Ware at Chelsea takes the liberty to aquaint the Publick, that he has been employed since his last Sale in making a considerable parcel, of which the Assortments are so far advanced, that he hopes to be in a Condition to offer it to Sale in the Month of March next; it will consist of a variety of Services for Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Porringers, Sauce Boats, Basons, and Ewers, Ice-Pails, Tureens, Dishes and Plates of different Forms and Patterns, and of a great Variety of pieces for ornament in a Taste entirely new'.