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Variant of portobello.
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The thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes range from a Wild Rice cider Pilaf; Apricot Chile Glazed carrots; Wild Mushroom & Gruyere Frittata; Sirloin, Asparagus & Portabella with Bearnaise; and Honey & Chive Glazed Pork; to Cantaloupe Soup with Cherry Red Wine Syrup; Sauteed Chard with Mexican Chorizo; Curried Zucchini Red Pepper Soup; Turnip Potato Latkes; Gram's Red Cabbage with Beer Braised Brats; and Pumpkin Lamb Sausage Pizza.
Perhaps not yet at a stage where one can say, "if you want to see his memorial look around you", his company Portabella has nevertheless been responsible for a number of acclaimed developments in Cardiff, and there are more to come.
Cardiff council has granted planning permission to boutique property company Portabella to redevelop the site of Churchills Hotel in the Llandaff area of the city.
Portabella medium sofa in antique leather, PS2,099; velvet cushion, PS35; vintage family portrait cushion, PS25; winter garden round mirror, PS69.
2 portabella mushroom caps, gills scraped out and discarded, then diced
Envision a marinated portabella with garlicky mashed potatoes on a bed of sauteed spinach and quinoa with seasonal veggies.
Vegetable Noodle Soup with rice noodles, tofu, and vegetables including squash, portabella mushrooms, and bok choy
I was even surprised to learn that button mushrooms and portabella mushrooms are the same thing.
By the way, one sunlight-exposed portabella has nearly 400 IU of vitamin D.
RUNNER-UP $ 100 Grilled steak and portabella stacks Roxanne Chan, ALBANY, CASERVES 4 | 35 MINUTES 3 tbsp.
The line features eight contemporary recipes: Sesame Glazed Chicken, Garlic Herb Shrimp, Lemon Herb Chicken, Honey Balsamic Chicken, Chicken Romano Fresca, Rosemary Chicken & Sweet Potatoes, Portabella Parmesan Risotto and Roasted Chicken Verde.