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Noun1.portable saw - a circular saw that is portable and is operated with a hand gripportable saw - a circular saw that is portable and is operated with a hand grip
buzz saw, circular saw - a power saw that has a steel disk with cutting teeth on the periphery; rotates on a spindle
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2 ea portable saw mill, for use with 20" chain saw item # 52jt31 mfr.
Grell will also demonstrate the process for sawing legs into boards using a portable saw mill and later cut the saw legs into bending stock.
If you're building this project for a portable saw with its own cart, set up the saw and measure the height of the saw top down to the floor.
Limb saw: The best portable saw I have ever used is the folding saw from Browning.
The city incurred some costs in the project, including $2,290 for London Lumber of Cottage Grove, which used a portable saw at Hendricks Park to cut the logs into lumber.
The Waters Farm festival will include maple sugaring, animal displays, pony rides and a portable saw mill.
That's why a portable saw is ideal in many situations.
Stone Construction Equipment has added a gasoline engine model to its Portable Saw Devil MS1 masonry saw line.
Designed for use by one man, the portable saw mill was available with either a single blade or a pair.
The festival also features 4-H animal displays; a police dog program by the Sutton police; archery demonstration; glass gilding; a portable saw mill; and, on Oct.

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