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n. pl. por·ta·men·ti (-tē) or por·ta·men·tos
A smooth uninterrupted glide in passing from one tone to another, especially with the voice or a bowed stringed instrument.

[Italian, from portare, to carry, from Latin portāre; see per- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -ti (-tɪ)
(Music, other) music a smooth slide from one note to another in which intervening notes are not separately discernible. Compare glissando
[C18: from Italian: a carrying, from Latin portāre to carry]


(ˌpɔr təˈmɛn toʊ, ˌpoʊr-)

n., pl. -ti (-ti) -tos.
a passing or gliding from one pitch or tone to another with a smooth progression.
[1765–75; < Italian: fingering, literally, a bearing, carrying. See port5, -ment]
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Godolphin's Portamento and the highly-rated Speculative Bid are also likely to trouble the judge.
Heaven's Guest, Jack Dexter, Kimberella, Lexington Abbey, Mr Win, Portamento, Rene Mathis, Rivellino, Tatlisu, Toofi, 25 bar.
PORTAMENTO can make the most of a slight dip in class in the MBNA Queensferry Stakes at Chester.
The fact Portamento already has a win at Chester to his name this term is another plus, as he should act on the track but would probably like it to quicken up a touch before post time.
No other Beethoven quartet includes such fingerings, but it is clear that they serve both practical and expressive purposes: same-finger shifts, for instance, are sometimes used to suggest a kind of portamento (p.
The orchestra's sweet-toned violins caressed the andante's consoling nostalgic melodies but Belohlavek eschewed the swooping portamento that Mahler would have expected and the music demands.
It will be a bit of a shock if his Portamento fails to deliver in the Unibet 3 Year Old Sprint.
1 million raceday, runs Tryster, who is odds-on for the Easter Classic, Sprint and 3 Year Old Sprint favourites Pretend and Portamento, and Marathon market leader Anglophile.
Nearly 30 years ago, Casio introduced the SK-1, an 8-bit sampler, which broke new ground in terms of portability and cool sounds; but it also offered the ability to synthesize sounds starting from a neutral waveform, envelopes, vibrato, portamento, rhythms, and sampling.
Students volunteered on an organizational project in Portamento of Hope's Soup Kitchen, which serves all people in need in the community.
Pido also displayed little sense of the rubato and portamento that Massenet so meticulously noted in his scores and that are inextricably related to the accents of the French language.