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adj. port·li·er, port·li·est
1. Having a round, stout body. See Synonyms at fat.
2. Archaic Stately or dignified.

[From port.]

port′li·ness n.


[ˈpɔːtlɪnɪs] Ngordura f, corpulencia f


nBeleibtheit f, → Korpulenz f
References in classic literature ?
And then the figure he made, with his decent portliness, his whiskers, the money in his purse, the excellent cigar that he now lighted, recurred to his mind in consolatory comparison with that of a certain maddened lad who, on a certain spring Sunday ten years before, and in the hour of church-time silence, had stolen from that city by the Glasgow road.
or was the buckle of his old belt of Montlhéry badly fastened, so that it confined his provostal portliness too closely?
Meanwhile her impossibly cute troupe of seven best friends defied their natural portliness in a very graceful routine which had everyone clap clap clapping.