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And as a demi-soloist in Symphony in C, Keesler stood out for a sensitivity and expressiveness in her dancing, for ports de bras that seem to unfurl endlessly, for her fluid transitions, and that piercing focus that connects her with her partners as well as the audience.
Sessions with Pouffer weren't typical ballet classes but they began at the barre with half an hour of stretching and ports de bras.
Port de bras: She not only simplified the port de bras into the basic first, second, and third positions, from which all the more elaborate ports de bras are derived, but she integrated the port de bras with the legs.
Even in corps roles--like the peasants in Swan Lake or the wilis in Giselle--her intensity, stage presence, full ports de bras, and uplift make her stand out.
Makeup is wonderfully huge; wigs, stylish; costumes, lush; ports de bras, archly imperious; and the copious bows are gracious, regal, coy.
Their ports de bras are freer, using elbows, wrists, and fingers.