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 (pō-sä′də, -dä)
A Christmas festival originating in Latin America that dramatizes the search of Joseph and Mary for lodging.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, lodging, from posar, to lodge, rest, from Late Latin pausāre, to rest, from Latin pausa, pause; see pause.]


n, pl -das (-ðas)
(Commerce) an inn in a Spanish-speaking country
[literally: place for stopping]
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But after we had been two days on the road, on entering the posada of a village a day's journey from this, I saw him at the inn door in the dress of a muleteer, and so well disguised, that if I did not carry his image graven on my heart it would have been impossible for me to recognise him.
Our readers will follow us along the only street of this little village, and enter with us one of the houses, which is sunburned to the beautiful dead-leaf color peculiar to the buildings of the country, and within coated with whitewash, like a Spanish posada.
A Venezuelan court jailed Posada for his role in the 1976 bombing of the Cuban airliner.
Posada Amazonas, an eco-lodge along the Tambopata River deep in Peru's Amazon basin, provides the ultimate jumping-off point to learn about the region's wildlife and ecology, while also helping the local indigenous community make a sustainable living.
Traditionally posada participants walk in the streets carrying tiny figurines of Mary and Joseph while knocking on doors and searching for a place to stay, as the Bible says the couple did 2,000 years ago.
Monsignor Gabriel Posada, 66, vicar-general of the diocese of Armenia, and Father Jose Hernandez, 30, parish priest in Chalan, were slain within 12 hours of each other.
At summit, the Cuban president accused veteran anti-Castro warrior Luis Posada Carriles of 16 specific terrorists acts -- including the bombing of a Cuban airplane and several assassination attempts - and asked the government of Panama to extradite him to Havana.
Luis Posada Carriles, aged 70, said he organised a series of bombings in Cuba last year at hotels, discos and restaurants, one of which killed an Italian tourist.
Although claiming to oppose terrorism, Rodriguez defends a fellow CIA-trained Cuban exile, Luis Posada Carriles, who escaped in 1985 from a Venezuelan prison where he had been jailed for masterminding the 1976 mid-air bombing of a Cuban civilian airliner that killed 73 people.
The Crown Posada pub on Newcastle's Quayside is featured, as well as Gateshead''s Central pub, South Shields' ' Stag''s Head and Sunderland''s Mountain Daisy and Dun Cow.
Posada is the Latino speaking sensation who has entertained, educated and enthralled audiences in over 60 nations.
When Luis Posada Carriles goes to trial in El Paso, Tex.