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1. A place or location.
a. The right or appropriate place: The bands are in position for the parade's start.
b. A strategic area occupied by members of a force: The troops took up positions along the river.
a. The way in which something is placed: the position of the clock's hands.
b. The arrangement of body parts; posture: a standing position.
c. In ballet, any of the five arrangements of the arms and feet in which the legs are turned out from the pelvis.
4. An advantageous place or location: jockeys maneuvering for position.
5. A situation as it relates to the surrounding circumstances: in a position to bargain.
6. A point of view or attitude on a certain question: the mayor's position on taxes.
7. Social standing or status; rank.
8. A post of employment; a job.
a. Sports The area for which a particular player is responsible.
b. The arrangement of the pieces or cards at any particular time in a game such as chess, checkers, or bridge.
a. The act or process of positing.
b. A principle or proposition posited.
a. A commitment to buy or sell a given amount of securities or commodities.
b. The amount of securities or commodities held by a person, firm, or institution.
c. The ownership status of a person's or institution's investments.
tr.v. po·si·tioned, po·si·tion·ing, po·si·tions
1. To put in place or position.
2. To determine the position of; locate.

[Middle English posicioun, from Old French posicion, from Latin positiō, positiōn-, from positus, past participle of pōnere, to place; see apo- in Indo-European roots.]

po·si′tion·al adj.
po·si′tion·al·ly adv.
po·si′tion·er n.


in terms of position, from a positional point of view
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Peerless positionally and in terms of controlled aggression.
Both have them been helpful, mainly positionally and encouraging me to more vocal.
The game was fast, he had a role to play him and Darron [Gibson] positionally, it was important to stay central to the pitch.
Bateman was presumably selected in the previous games against Australia and Lebanon for his general combativeness and solidity, but he's looked a little bit unsure of himself positionally for my money.
I have an eye for goal, I'm mobile and I'm quite clever positionally.
We are on course to finish higher positionally and that was always the aim, given it is a much tougher league this year," said Grayson.
Positionally desperate, weak tackling and an offensive game that was effectively 'pass it to Barrow'.
COLL DONALDSON 4 Positionally suspect beside toiling partner, never mastered Thomson's sole threat up top.
They had some good time at Forest Green Rovers and positionally, we had some players coming back from injuries that have given David Tutonda, Semi Ajayi, Tom James a chance to stake a claim and show what they can do and they can be really positive.
Positionally he's probably looked more comfortable at right-back, which given the fact he's predominantly rightfooted, is fair enough.
He added: "Now you are seeing a positionally more aware Aaron Ramsey in international football, against top teams; if he's out of position, he knows the consequences are great.
Between two block land portion arrays (5) located adjacent to each other across the circumferential groove (2), the block land portions (4) constituting the block land portion arrays (5) are arranged on the tread portion (1) so as to be positionally displaced from each other in the circumferential direction of the tire; a groove (6) between the block land portions adjacent to each other in the width direction of the tire extends obliquely with respect to the width and circumferential directions of the tire.