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1. Philosophy
a. A doctrine contending that sense perceptions are the only admissible basis of human knowledge and precise thought.
b. The application of this doctrine in logic, epistemology, and ethics.
c. The system of Auguste Comte designed to supersede theology and metaphysics and depending on a hierarchy of the sciences, beginning with mathematics and culminating in sociology.
d. Any of several doctrines or viewpoints, often similar to Comte's, that stress attention to actual practice over consideration of what is ideal: "Positivism became the 'scientific' base for authoritarian politics, especially in Mexico and Brazil" (Raymond Carr).
2. The state or quality of being positive.

pos′i·tiv·ist, pos′i·tiv·is′tic adj.
pos′i·tiv·ist n.
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Adj.1.positivistic - of or relating to positivism; "positivist thinkers"; "positivist doctrine"; "positive philosophy"


adj, positivistically
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But this quote is simply the author's precis of the positivistic model with which he begins, i.
The founding fathers, Mustafa Kemal AtatE-rk, and his followers, Kemalists, were highly influenced by 19th century European positivistic and materialistic philosophy.
This is perhaps due to the fact that present-day analytic metaphysics blossomed from the scientific positions of their earlier positivistic predecessors.
Positivistic science, associated since Dario and Rodo with the United States, trumped pleasure, stereotypically linked to Latin America.
Rather than a positivistic art history which tasks the historian with the recuperation of fact, for Holly writing about the art of the past should be a work of appreciative elegy, which acknowledges what has been lost in time, and the resistance of the artwork to full interpretation.
Among the topics are the CHAT framework and science education in the positivistic tradition, teaching science in museums and science centers, magnetism and new university science laboratory activities in a CHAT context, a cultural history scene of natural sciences for early learners, and how students learn about plant functions in elementary school biology education.
Analysis of quantitative data from empirical measurement objects are implemented with positivistic method.
Here the responses of Italian philologists to this famous and controversial work exemplify the various inflections of philology during this politically turbulent period, from the obtusely positivistic pedantry of Giuseppe Zippel, the editor and translator of Die Kultur, to Federico Chabod's selective appropriation of Burkhardt's ideas on the birth of the modern state, and finally to Delio Cantimori's shifting attitude.
Although this method may appear superficial and lacking in sophistication to advocates of positivistic methods, ".
Bjorn Dahlem's works, for instance, are undeniably involved with physics, astronomy, and philosophy, yet he nonetheless shuns the overly positivistic paradigm of the researching artist--without, however, falling into long-outdated stereotypes or backward ideologies.