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1. Philosophy
a. A doctrine contending that sense perceptions are the only admissible basis of human knowledge and precise thought.
b. The application of this doctrine in logic, epistemology, and ethics.
c. The system of Auguste Comte designed to supersede theology and metaphysics and depending on a hierarchy of the sciences, beginning with mathematics and culminating in sociology.
d. Any of several doctrines or viewpoints, often similar to Comte's, that stress attention to actual practice over consideration of what is ideal: "Positivism became the 'scientific' base for authoritarian politics, especially in Mexico and Brazil" (Raymond Carr).
2. The state or quality of being positive.

pos′i·tiv·ist, pos′i·tiv·is′tic adj.
pos′i·tiv·ist n.
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Adj.1.positivistic - of or relating to positivism; "positivist thinkers"; "positivist doctrine"; "positive philosophy"


adj, positivistically
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The French School's Influence Study advocates positivistic research of history of international literary relations because they believe that a discipline should stress a scientific and positivistic spirit.
Or is the whole idea of a team "deserving" to winthe sense of an athletic performance possessing some mysterious intangible moral worth that exists apart from and even above the crude positivistic results of the contest itselfin fact a bullshit construct?
Politicians, elites, and literary figures employed a positivistic (and European) framework that pervaded contemporary thought regarding science and development: social inequalities could be cured by "scientific" policies.
After a mercifully brief methodological preamble in which the authors display their awareness of the dangers of a positivistic or biographical approach to literature, they cheerfully set aside their anxieties on this score and embark on a series of chapters that are unashamedly positivistic and biographical, but in the best sense.
Dissatisfied with with the existing explanations and modus operandi of global constitutionalism, Bhandari offers a positivistic explanation of it, along with an analysis of its five specific modi operandi.
It stems from a view of the policy process that is rational and positivistic, in which optimal policy choices can be identified, selected, and implemented with objectivity.
But this quote is simply the author's precis of the positivistic model with which he begins, i.
Hollingshaus begins his study with the claim that positivistic historiography emergent from academe is antithetical to the ethos of rock, which is traditionally associated with rebellion against institutions at large.
The founding fathers, Mustafa Kemal AtatE-rk, and his followers, Kemalists, were highly influenced by 19th century European positivistic and materialistic philosophy.
Instead, the positivistic attitude of modern science is taken as final.
By creating playful and irreverent designs, surprising in their poetry and ability to display non-utilitarian aspects of techno-fashion, Gao could be said to question the very core of the positivistic drive of an increasingly technologized society.
Among the topics are the CHAT framework and science education in the positivistic tradition, teaching science in museums and science centers, magnetism and new university science laboratory activities in a CHAT context, a cultural history scene of natural sciences for early learners, and how students learn about plant functions in elementary school biology education.